The Courage to SQUISH

I know that in the past I have written several blogs describing the incredible frustration with ants and roaches.  Everybody here has ants and roaches.  It is not a matter of cleanliness or a lack thereof.  It’s the TROPICS! 

However, since moving to our new home the ant and roach problem has been minimal.  I know this was just a breather that I have been granted. One and a half years of glorious little bug issues.  The joy of being in a new home where nests and eggs have not yet been developed.  In our first home here in Papua, ants constantly ran all over the kitchen decks despite how much I squished them, cleaned, kept food put away.  In our new home I have been spoiled and could leave a mess on the counter for an hour or two and no ants would come.  They have always been in the back of my mind though, lest I become pious and think that my housekeeping was what was keeping the ants and roaches away.  So I have been diligent to always wash the dishes at night and try to leave the kitchen clean.  But I am sad to announce that the Boyd’s have ants and roaches again.  I open drawers and see a big roach scampering off into some dark unreachable corner.  And a line of sugar ants is stubbornly descending from somewhere in the ceiling to my kitchen despite my attempts to spray and wash the walls.

So I give in.  Thankful for the break.  Accepting the fact that there is nothing I can do, except continue to keep things clean.  Amazed at how American homes keep things so sealed off to these bugs.  Rejoicing in all the open windows in every room of our home, that allows so much fresh air to flow through our home and some bugs too.


Rain Flies.

The break was awesome.  Now may I have the grace to accept our new residents. And the courage to squish them when I can!


  1. We get rain ants. They come in and lose their wings in your house, mate and then disappear… leaving their wings everywhere… nasty. do your geckos help a bit with your insect issues?


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