Cutting the Apron Strings

After spending two years of over 2 hours a day minimum of taxing kids to and from school, I was very excited when a car was offered to us at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, the Indonesian police were not willing to issue Aubrey a drivers license (as they had with several of his friends, at age 16).  However, they were quick to offer him a motor cycle license.  Well, this wasn’t quite the way we had planned it all to go……but the time has arrived when these boys need to be more independent.  Now that they are in High School there are so many things pulling at them in the after school hours from: band to year book to soccer to worship practices.  Last year I was paying for them to ride on the back of “taxi” motor cycle drivers.  I trust my sons more then I trust a complete stranger. 



So with all that weighed in the scale of life, they are off. 

Main streaming with the crazy traffic here.

Trying to trust.  Deep breath.  Relax.  Let go.  The apron strings just got cut.  Part of me rejoices and feels a sense of freedom and liberty, both for them and for me.  Part of me mourns that those silly school morning drives (where the Boyd Boys are all singing in beautiful, and sometimes crazy, harmony) are over. Or the amazing conversations that would just pop up out of no where….are no longer going to happen, in the car.

I think I’ll go read a story to the younger boys and drink in the fact that this thing called “motherhood” is but a short season.  In the meantime, will you join me in praying for these boys who are merging into the traffic called LIFE? 


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