Passionate Dreams and the Beginning of the Pursuit

Ever since donning a play nurses uniform at age 5/6, I have loved the medical world.  People, personalities, care, compassion, need, pain, healing, procedures, diagnosing, prescribing, team work, problem solving, waiting, comforting, listening, mourning are just a few adjectives that I can throw at the career I embrace.


A growing passion of mine has been the desire to obtain a nurse practioner degree.  I have tabled it because of different family needs and timing, but it doesn’t go away… just grows larger.  Passion.  Desire.  Are these God given feelings?  Is this a calling?  Am I crazy with a busy family of four boys to even think about such a possibility?

This summer I was able to take the FIRST STEP in reaching this goal.  The University I am considering attending requires a Statistics class (if the last one was over 10 years ago….oh yeah, its only been 20 years!!!!).  The thought of taking Statistics again was a bit daunting.  Statistics does not exactly fit into all the adjectives of the first paragraph.  The class fell into place and I decided to go for it.  Surprisingly it was as interesting as a math class could be in that it focused on the “Evidence-based practice in Nursing”.  Also despite traveling all over the USA and retuning here to where the internet was out for the whole week before Final exams and the speed of the internet was not fast enough to Goggle chat or video chat with my class project partners……IT IS DONE.  AND this Mom can still pull the grades!  Oh YEAH!!!!

This summer we visited the campus of Frontier Nursing University. 




There I rubbed my hand on a brick that was in Florence Nightengale’s home.  It will take much more then a little hand rub over a famous nurse’s brick to fulfill this dream. Finances.  Timing with children schooling and a 9 month internship.  I leave it in God’s hands.

For now, we continue to wait and pray.  However, I think it is just 7 or so seasons away and I will be able to begin.  The question is:  are those rainy/dry seasons or winter/spring/summer/fall seasons?  Time will tell and I am just going to try and embrace the season we are in meanwhile looking forward to pursuing a passionate dream. 


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