“I’m Safe.” On Base.

We all need a base.  Whether playing hide or seek, whether vacationing, in day to day living,  but especially when furloughing as a missionary. 

We have been blessed our last three furloughs to know exactly where our “base” would be.  It’s been “the farm”.  It’s been Darron’s Parent’s home.  Cookeville, TN.  We have a sea crate sitting on their property, full of stuff you always need like camping gear and coolers, beach towels, etc.  There is a closet where we can store all our last minute bits and bobs, like the half used bottle of shampoo or contact solution.  We take over the basement and often fling our shoes and our stuff all over it…..as only 6 people without a home, on the move, can do.


Mom has been so gracious to us, as we come and go.  Bringing our dirty laundry, our hungry tummies, our strained bodies from jet lag, our crazy schedule and much much more.  It can’t be easy going from a home that is peaceful, quiet and orderly.  To a home running over with boys and requests and much activity.  Mom always says, she loves it.  However, it can’t be easy.  Especially as we begin to prepare to return to our assigned country.  Stress levels mount on our part, as we scurry to meet deadlines and pack and wrap up hours of business and important “things to do”. 




Blessed are the people who provide BASE to us missionaries.  We don’t expect it.  We understand if base moves or changes, knowing that God will provide.  But I love knowing that there has been this safe little place called, “base”.  Come to think about it, my whole life, even when playing hide and go seek, I always felt a sense of peace when I reached base.





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