Beach Retreats and Garlic Presses

Several months ago, Darron gave us the heads up that the Shepherdess and Mission Office Staff were heading to the beach for a retreat.  We felt we should join for as much time as possible.  Darron took Jacob and Nathaniel there on the Thursday afternoon, while I covered a shift at the clinic.  Friday, because of school activities and commitments, we could not go.  Saturday morning, we were bouncing down the road early in the a.m.  With coolers full of American food, lots of suntan lotion and water and ready to spend a day with our fellow Indonesian brothers and sisters. 



We arrived in time for church.  There were lots of special music’s.  They even coerced Aubrey and Andrew into singing a song.  Church was followed by potluck and so amongst the rice and many traditional Indonesian dishes we placed our lasagna, salad, and es buah (a cold icy Indonesian fruit salad/drink).  Do we stand out or what?




The setting was more than beautiful.  With hand dug boats to float you over  the river to the beach before the inlet leading out to the ocean. 



After potluck we had a special spontaneous Shepherdess program where I was able to present the garlic presses that several of my readers so generously donated this summer.  They were delighted!!!!  They all expressed their appreciation and I want to assure you that it meant so much to them that they were thought of.  Thank you so much to those of you who donated.  Approximately 10 ladies were not there and those garlic presses were given later.




The afternoon was filled with much singing and laughter as the waves gently lapped and children played in the sand and fell in the water with my boys trying their hands at the dug out boats. : )



On the Sunday morning we returned again.  To play with them all.  Andrew has made himself a skim board.  There the water is perfect for this activity because it is quite shallow.  Many of the boys wanted to “try” too.  Andrew makes it look so so easy!



My heart records many images.  Images of Pastoral families who work hard.  Who endure much.  Who press on because of feeling called.  It is special to be part of encouraging them to keep focused on Jesus and keep pressing (literally and with their garlic tool in hand) on.



  1. Do many of them speak English? Or is this one of the reasons you are wanting to spend more time in language study? Sounds like it was an amazing weekend!


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