Boiling Plastic Bag

Today is Day 5 of this Mommy not feeling good.  I could bore you with all my symptoms, but the bottom line is, today i reached the point of “caring less”.  It’s kind of a dangerous place to be.
I mustered up enough strength to make breakfast for the family and then headed back to bed.  I’m not sure why i just didn’t ask them to cook.  They are quite capable.  Though it is break still and many of the Boyd boys were still sleeping. And maybe by cooking breakfast I could convince myself that today will be a great day.   Needless to say, when lunch rolled around, I wasn’t feeling anymore energetic or enthusiastic.  Again i could have asked the guys to cook, but I wanted healthy food and I wanted to use the sweet potatoes that I had purchased last week at the local market.  The guys tend to want to cook more “fun”, not so healthy, food.
So in my “i could careless” mode, I am in the kitchen very non energetically scrubbed the sweet potatoes.  My house helper, who I am convinced can read my body language, asked to scrub the potatoes for me.  “Why, Thank you!”  I decided to ask her how she would cook them.  To which she rattled off a long explanation.  I didn’t understand all of it and my face must have reflected that.  She proceeded to chop them in half and pop them in a thin cheap Indonesian black plastic bag.  Pop the whole bag in a pot and began to boil them, plastic bag and all, in the water.
Really?  Oh dear!  Are we not worried about toxins from the plastic bag?  Surely there must be a good reason for all of this.  “I really need to stop this”, I thought.  And then…..I couldn’t careless.  Exasperated from my 15 minutes up, it was time to lay back down.  An hour and a half later, my dear Ibu declared the sweet potatoes, “Sudah” (done).  The potatoes were removed from the boiled PLASTIC bag and placed with care into a nice pan.  I asked again, “Why did you cook the potatoes in the plastic bag?  Is it so that they didn’t fall apart?”  To which she replied, “No, it is so the pot does not get sticky.”  Really?  That didn’t just happen…..
Because, today, I could  careless, we ate plastic bag boiled sweet potatoes for lunch.  There were some at the table who did care.  I think I better start on an antibiotic, otherwise who knows what will happen tomorrow.
The purple in this potatoe really makes up for the black plastic …….


  1. Wow! That is such a rich purple sweet potatoes! Amazing! Does it taste like our orange ones? They only have white sweet potatoes here, and they are nowhere near as good as the orange ones. :-) Curious about these purple ones, though!!

    1. The purple ones are pretty!!!! Not quite as soft and moist as the orange ones.

  2. Oh yeah, and did you get better with antibiotics? :-) Hope so!!

    1. Within 24 hours I was a new woman. Antibiotics are a GOD send!!!! So are friends who care. Thanks!


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