The Mission Mobil

Over a year ago, we were blessed to be able to purchase a second vehicle.  Making us the proud (or not so proud) owners of 2 cars and a motorbike.  Which is EXTRAVAGANT!  What is not so extravagant is the condition of the “Mission mobil”.  Take a look at the seat.  Its fabric is all torn.  The springs poking through. 


Yet despite it’s looks and lack of air conditioning, the Mission Mobil has been so faithful to help us run this family and head of the household around, ever going in many many different directions.




Many of Darron’s colleagues were surprised that we would drive around, “such a car”.  Darron loves to tell them that we purchased it for not much more than a motorbike.  Since then, many more “beat up” cars have been showing up amongst his fellow laborers.  Nothing like lowering the standard of car ownership. 




It is also nice and humbling to allow the teen boys to drive this hot/sweet “Mission Mobil”.  Great for their image.  We are such nice parents. 


Today, i just need to say it, “I’m thankful for the Mission Mobil”, crazy hot, stiff roll down windows, fogged up windows in the steamy tropical rain,  broken emergency brake, dirty beyond getting clean, and all!  Blessed!  We are an extravagant 2 car, 1 motorbike family….living in a third world.



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