Funerals and Waterfalls

It was church morning and the telephone rang with the message declaring that all area churches would be closed and that a funeral that was planned for the next day, would need to take place today.  Due to body decay.  They don’t have the ability to embalm here, like in the states.   So as thousands of mourners made there way to the funeral including my husband (it was for a man that none of us knew)…..the boys, I, and the Stumps headed to the local waterfall in search for some peace and refreshment.


The boys and Darron had hiked there on Andrew’s birthday and I had heard glowing reports.  After trudging up through jungle for about 45 minutes, we came upon the refreshing water.  It was crystal clear and so very cool.  I had not planned to get wet, but eased in, despite all my clothes.  The boys had a wonderful time drinking in nature, refreshing themselves, sharing dreams of surviving in the wilderness, clambering over huge boulders, jumping off huge boulders, and building dam’s.  Wendy and I chatted away to our hearts content.  John busied himself building a dam and listening to my little guys ramble on to him about grandparents, America, and probably family secrets! : )  We shared a lunch on a giant boulder.  John kept the water bottles cool in the water.


What a lovely day.  Beautiful nature.  Good friends.  How refreshing to step back sometimes and drink in scenes from the first book that God ever wrote….Nature.


DSCN5159 (640x480)

DSCN5166 (640x480)

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DSCN5205 (640x480)



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Come visit sometime and we’ll bring you to the waterfall.  Thanks as always for reading and praying.


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