Untreated Breast Cancer

Today I  was pleased to receive a call from one of the Indonesian pilots asking if I would be willing to go with the ladies to pray for a lady who has advanced breast cancer.  This is one of my main passions, so I was thrilled to be invited.

We were able to walk to the ladies house from the aviation property.  As her story unfolded I was deeply saddened at what her fears resulted in.  Seven years ago after her last son was born she found a small lump in her breast.  Fear kept her from having surgery.  She lifted her shirt unabashed to show us 4 visiting ladies the aggression of the disease.  Open wounds, hard/swollen/hot/disfigured tissue. No dressings, no medicines.  Just to look made one wince in pain.  It would take no medical trained person to be able to diagnose the seriousness of her situation.  As she coughed and was breathing so shallow, I had no doubt that the cancer was also attacking her lungs.

Sometimes in America I have winced at mammograms, chemotherapy treatments, radiation and mastectomies.  Wondering if one day we will look back on it all as barbaric.  Today, I gave thanks for the knowledge that we currently have and the cures that have been discovered thus far.  I am thankful that my own mother did not stop in fear when a lump was discovered in her, twenty five years ago.  Because untreated cancer is hideous. And I treasure life!

They asked me to pray for this sweet mother of six.  Almost as soon as I started to pray, my own tears flowed.  How thankful I was to be able to commit her to the Great Physician.  Her condition is beyond the help of any earthly physician…..fear or no fear.  So let us all take this as a gentle reminder to be faithful in our part to do our check ups.  Prevention is the greatest health step.  Early diagnosis is the second.  Then if we have to face cancer….may it not be in fear.  Courage!  Courage…


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