The King Is Here

It was just another ordinary Wednesday in Papua.  I had my day slated out.  Home school, swim, grocery shop, and pick up Darron at the airport (all errands to be done in my illegal non registered car- now that is another blog).  The children and I were eating our yummy breakfast.  Everyone had just given me their toast order.  “Yea, I’ll have three more piece.”  “I want two more, Mom.”  “I’m still hungry, give me three more, please.” When the phone rang.

It was Eric.  “Ehh, Ruth are you expecting a crate? One is beside my house right now”  Oh wow…  So much for preplanning and ordinary days.  Suddenly, no one was hungry anymore.  We gobbled up the last few bites on our plates and ran over to the old airplane hanger.  Where the seal on the crate from America was being broken.  The dead bolt cut off.  Then in the matter of less than an hour all of our goods from America were unloaded, after being packed and in transition for over 7 months. Then the papers were signed and the crate gone.  There we were surrounded by vast wealth and enormous treasures.  Perhaps not to the 1st world, but for sure in the 3rd world’s eyes.  Everything that we have unpacked so far has been in amazing condition.  There are some melted Jolly Ranchers, but they still taste great!!!

IMG_9705 (640x427)

IMG_9710 (640x427)

IMG_9735 (640x427)

Unpacking brought back so many memories of people helping us to pack.  Carol you did a superb job, no doubt you have travelled and packed from many nations.  Missy loved your notes on boxes.  Kristen the games all arrived safe and sound.  Even assembled the plastic shelf that you creatively packed.

The boys were most thrilled to unpack their bikes and the trampoline (yet another blog).  I was rejoicing over sealable jars and buckets to help me preserve food in the ever present bug war.  Also delighting in home school books at last (note that was my pleasure, not the children’s).  One of the biggest treats in the crate was our brand new King size bed.  We have always desired one and decided to take the splurge from IKEA.  (Content sigh).  After sleeping on less then desirable beds for the last 6 months it’s nice to at last lay down and drink in the luxury.  Darron was thrilled to be reunited with all his books, many of which he was desperate for in regards to his work.

Most of our things are being stored in Darron’s office until we move into our new house.  I’m just not in the mood to decorate and have to pack again in half a year.  So we will wait.  Wait is the word that best describes this year for me.  In this season of waiting I know that God is molding and preparing me for new adventures.  I have the assurance that just as I knew my king bed from America would one day arrive, it won’t be long until every mouth will proclaim “See, your king comes to you” Zech 9:9   Indeed the King is coming, hold on He is coming.


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