One Hundred Male Nails

Not sure how the discussion came about.  If I remember right, I made a comment and all the guys had some little jabbing comment.  Then they all laughed in boyhood commodore.  That is when the conversation turned and the discovery was declared that I live with one hundred male nails.  Silly boys!

Well I am so happy to declare that my one hundred male nail guys are all thriving.  Darron loves the challenge of his job.  He just overflows with stories and thoughts every time he walks through the door.  I have to wave at him to follow me around the house while he talks….so that I can keep the food and household stuff moving!  I really do think he is doing his dream job right now.  He has always loved to travel, loves encouraging and listening to pastors, loves evangelism and is passionate about teaching it and seeing others put it into motion.

Aubrey is just becoming a young man before my eyes and is just eager to absorb anything and everything about flying.  He is diligent in his assigned studying and helpful to me about the home.  Fruit drinks have become his kitchen specialty.  Aubrey is content.  I made the mistake of giving him his first driving lesson last week.  All I can say, Is he has tasted to thrill of the wheel and wants more!


Andrew has adjusted splendidly.  He plays the most with the Indonesian kids and we predict will be the first amongst us to be fluent.  Andrew lives to make people laugh, and he is pretty good at it.  The parrot cage is complete.  All he lacks is the parrot.  He will tell you that he is as happy here as he was in America….an answered prayer for sure. He has made a hammock and hung it in his room.  He will read for hours in his hammock.


Jacob plays happily every day.  He does not like to play soccer and tends to be shy so we are still not quite sure how he will learn Indonesian (but slowly it is coming).  Jacob misses America the most.  He follow me around the house asking hundreds of questions.  The other day he decided to wash his hair in the rain and then jump on the trampoline.



Nathaniel is still our happy-go-lucky fourth born.  He just takes life in stride and is becoming quite a little swimmer.  I tease the boys that we have to go to the pool at least a few times a week to get clean.  Our chlorinated bath.  Nathaniel finger and toenails really need this soak time, as the dip showers just don’t get a  six year old squeaky clean.


I just walked out into the kitchen.  To see that one of my 20 nailed male species cut their nails and left them on the kitchen counter.  5 ants were munching away on those nails.  What can I say?  I live with a hundred male nails, people tell me that there is a special place in heaven for people like me.  Whether that is true or not.  I wouldn’t trade them.  Looking forward to a manicure when I fly back to America.  Every now and then this mother has to add a little femininity into her life….but until then, I think it is time for another lecture on where to dispose of your cut nails.

Thanks for reading, please keep praying…: )


  1. How old do you have to be to drive in Indonesia? Just wondering if I should move.

  2. Hahahaha!!! Well, Kimberly is having her second boy as you may have heard! So maybe you can encourage her...she is already overrun with testosterone in her home! I have more news to share with you soon, but not Shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! God bless you all, and may your kitchen counters be nailess soon!!!


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