Beyond my Imagination

Darron swept home on a Sunday evening and by 1:45 on Monday he and Aubrey were off to Jakarta.  My heart was in a turmoil of emotions.  One:  my husband was leaving again after being gone 12 days.  Two:  my son was flying 8 hours away to have surgery in a foreign city and I WAS NOT GOING TO BE WITH HIM.  I knew this upon making the decision that Darron would go instead of me.  However, the reality of it was quite painful.  At the airport I gave that boy a big hug and kiss and tried to be as brave as a Mom can be.

They finally crawled into bed at 1:30 a.m. (Papua time, Jakarta is 2 hours earlier then us).  The guest house where they are staying is no comparison to the first guest house where we stayed upon first arriving to Jakarta, 9 months ago.  Both Darron and Aubrey have commented on how clean it is and they do your laundry and serve you breakfast.

At 9:30 the following morning, after an hour taxi ride, more x-rays were obtained of Aubrey's hand.  The surgery was then slated for 3:30 p.m.  Half the money was needed up front, about $2,000.00.  Working with money here is tricky, because almost all transactions are cash or bank transfers (that can only be done within country).  After a few hours of stress, we got it all sorted out thanks to our friends at aviation.

So the day ticked by.  I kept myself very busy.  I was able to only keep in touch with Darron in very short conversations or texts because his phone was almost out of battery.  As they wheeled Aubrey off to surgery Darron turned his phone off, so that hopefully he could call me upon Aubrey's recovery.  So I waited.  I prayed.

My "brownie" friend came by and prayed the sweetest prayer for me and my family right when Aubrey was due for surgery (5:30 my time).  My tears flowed freely at not being able to be there for my son.  I wasn't worried at all about the surgery on his hand, but that maybe there would be complications with general anesthesia.  It's called knowing to much for my own good.  My friend coming was the perfect medicine for my heart and it was a very endearing experience.

Finally at 8:45 my phone hour more than I thought it should be! : )  You can only imagine my relief to know all was well.  Aubrey was discharged that evening.  Slept all the night through.  The following day they went to the doctor for follow up and he released Aubrey from his care.  Pins will be out in 3 weeks.  He told Darron that I could pull them (not....I'll be looking for a non-attached to this kid, pin puller).

Happy to have this behind us.  Darron, Aubrey, Matthew and Kinley (what???......oh that is a whole new blog, more later) will be arriving Friday morning after flying all night.  When I thought of being a missionary, thoughts of my children having operations a sea away from me were not in my thoughts.  This was absolutely beyond my imagination.  Yet all is well.  Thanks for praying, as always!  It means more then you would ever imagine.


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