Last Supper’s

18 years ago I remember distinctly the last supper served before Michelle and I embarked on our trip to the Philippines.  We were served these sausage veggie burgers, that were delicious.  I thought often to that last meal shared as we ate rice three times a day and often cooked over a fire outside.

The last supper was important to Jesus.  I often like to reflect on words spoken, food ate and the importance of that time amongst the closest of friends.

Today three last suppers stand out in my mind.  Our pizza meal at the beach house with our Ashworth family.  Our finally taco bell meal with Darron’s parents and brother on the way to Nashville.  Then, the true last supper of veggie burgers and dogs, complete with Dorito’s with the Boyd siblings.  Our conversation was light and candid amongst us adults, while the cousins all hung out together.  It was the perfect last supper. It’s impressions are etched in my memory and in my remembrance.  We are charged to partake of the “last supper” often, in remembrance of Him.  While I appreciate the formal service of communion.  I think I have found another meaning to the “Last Supper”.  A time of fellowship and communion and last words spoken with those you love and to whom you won’t see for a while. 

Until next summer, when we will eat together again.  I love you….dear family (and friends).


  1. So perfectly spoken. Lovely thoughts on "last suppers." Will think differently of last suppers from now on! ;-)

    Can you refresh my poor old memory? Where did we have those veggie burgers? hehe... Your last supper memories are serving you better than mine! I cannot remember at all!!! ;-)


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