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I know many of you are anxious to hear how the boy’s first week of school went.  From my perspective, wonderful!  From their perspective, wonderful!  They were beat tired by Friday.  School starts at 7:30 and is not out until 3.  The subjects covered are: Math, Bible, Science, History, Language Arts, Band, Computer, Indonesian, P.E……I think that is everything.  Aubrey is in 8th grade with about 6 other boys (only).  Andrew is in 7th grade with a mix of about 20 girls and boys.  So far, they are really enjoying it and have some homework, but it is not overwhelming (yet).

I think I was as excited and nervous as they were.  It is amazing to think that for the last 14/12 years those boys have been under my wings and influence.  I have enjoyed our home schooling journey, but I am so relieved it is over for now.  I love the fact that I can focus my energy on educating the younger two boys.  When trying to keep up with all four, it often felt like I was directing a circus and the circus was out of control.  Trying to span 4 grades, with no education training overwhelmed me.  Yeah!  I would not trade our home school years…..I think the foundation for life values was invaluable.  And I am happy that I still get to interact with my older boys each day as they come home.





One thing nice about missionary kids is they tend to not have clichés and are very excepting.  So I anticipate Aubrey and Andrew will enlarge their friendship circle rapidly.  Tonight they are at a middle school “Back to school party”.  Sunday night is soccer night.  So life is full.  Already little stories of pranks being played are leaking back to me.  One 8th grade boy had to go to the office for fingerprinting.  This assignment was written on the board.  The other 8th grade boys were in class before him so they erased “fingerprinting” and substituted it with the word, "vandalism“.  The black board now read: “___________ go to office for vandalism”.  Yes, Aubrey was one of the guilty ones.  Fortunately, their home room teacher knows how to laugh a little!

Perhaps my joy in the boys going to school is in part because I did not go to “real” school until college.  I was home schooled.  I appreciate the foundation given and the sacrifice my parents made.  Yet, part of me wishes I had more friends in my teen years and stories to tell.  Darron can tell stories for hours about his school years.  Maybe I am living vicariously through my children.  I look forward to hearing the boy’s stories and hope that I can share more with you.  Please pray that they will remain strong in their values and morals and that they will be inspired to love to learn.



  1. I totally understand your relief at sending them to school. I only homeschooled Marae grades 1-3, and what a relief it was for me to turn it over to the "professionals." And Marae is doing great at school. I, too, share your concern about their values and belief system.... but I truly believe that as long as they know they have loving parents who will love and accept them through "thick and thin" they will be okay. They will know they also have a Heavenly Father who does the same! Enjoy homeschooling your "little" ones! I sure am enjoying Nate and Elise this year! They are such a joy to teach!!

  2. Ruth, I am just now catching up on all your posts. Thank you for sharing it all with us here. I'm.hoping you get to move in to your new house soon, soon, soon! It is really looking nice.


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