Rejoice. Give Thanks. Really?

We leave for Papua in a little over 48 hours.  Honestly, I feel a mix of confusing emotions.  Last year I think I was numb and walking through the endless “to do” list.  This year, I’m feeling a whole lot more and it doesn’t all “feel” good.  Like saying goodbye to my parents.

So today in church I was struggling with all these “feelings”.  As my mind wandered (opps!) I began reading from 1 Thessalonians.  “Rejoice always……in everything give thanks”.  Hmmm….  Do I have things to rejoice about?  Can I give thanks?  Even though I’m feeling pain at leaving my comfort zone.  So here is my rejoice and thanks giving list.  Sorry if this is boring to you.   It’s therapy to me. : )

I am thankful for:

Family. Happy memories.  Laughter.  Loving words. Walks on beaches.  Food.  Taco Bell.  Togetherness.  Massages.  Massage lessons.  Time with friends.  Lunch and dinners with friends.  Canoe trips with my brother in law.  July 4th gatherings.  Messages on Facebook.  Peace.  Strength.  God’s word.  Prayers….offered, shared, answered.  Phone conversations.  Games. Spontaneous outings.  Rest.  Love.  Healing of Aubrey’s finger.  Taco Bell.  Salsa.  Cilantro.  Food with no bugs.  Food with bugs… least it is food.  Washing machines and dish washers, driers.  Nice van. Fresh peaches.  Fantastic books.  Photo shoots.  Church.  Church families.  Music.  Internet.  Protection.  Walk in clinic’s.  Antibiotics.  Air conditioning. Weddings. Ice Cream.  Homes. A contract on our home.  Hair cuts. Shopping.  Fluency.  Language stretch.  My kids.  Their adaptability.  Their acceptance.  Their openness.  Their peace.  My husband.  His love for me.  His concern for me.  His passion.  His zeal and his heart.  Friends that are waiting for my return.  Friends that are preparing for our return with meals and groceries and plans.  A school for my older boys.  A home full of open windows and oodles of sunlight.  That I can home school my younger two.  That we live in the country, not the city.  That I have a clinic to work at.  That as soon as we get internet worked out I will start my nurse practioner (a life long dream).  That I know God will hold us and those we leave behind.  Did I mention Taco Bell?  ; ) 

Now that felt good.  The Bible never gives false council.  Perhaps at times we interpret it falsely!!! : )  So: Rejoice. Give Thanks. Really!!!




  1. I really think next time you come home we should eat at Taco Bell! Ha!


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