Questions Can Lead to Chickens

It was a bustle of activity at the Boyd house this past Monday morning.  There would be no school today, for it was off to JayaPura for fingerprinting (again).  School absence for fingerprinting is completely understood, as it is part of the routine semi annual tasks.  We were needing to get out the door early for the hour and a half drive.  Some mornings it just seems harder to get a decent breakfast on the table then others.  Perhaps it has to do with the mother and all the wires running through her brain and lists of things she is trying to organize before heading out the door for an all day expedition.  When the phone rang, to add to the going’s on.  I was asked for, but apparently I must have been letting off enough distress signals to notify Darron that I did not have time to come to the phone.  He told the caller I was not available and shortly hung up, exclaiming….”Hartley and Oleh will be here soon with chickens”.  “Ruth, did you ask them for chickens?”

Sure enough, 5 minutes later….up drive Harley and Oleh on their motorcycle.  Oleh has two chickens tucked under her arms.  Handing them to Darron and I.  They gave us quick instructions on how to care for them and off they went.  I have never held a grown chicken in my life before.  I still need to get breakfast on the table and we need to leave soon and all five guys are looking at me, asking, “Why do we have chickens?”  “Did you ask for chickens?”  To which I innocently responded, “I simply asked about their chickens.”


Darron and I in shock… the proud owners!




So now we have a chick and a rooster to join the two parrots. The first few days we kept them tied on a string so that they would learn that this is their home.  Our yard is so big, we really don’t have to do a thing for them.  Each evening about 5ish they flap up into a tree and perch there all night.  About 4ish in the morning, Mr. Rooster begins to let everybody know it is time to wake up. 

I am learning to be careful what questions I ask.  It is becoming a family joke.  What will show up at our door next week, because of Mom’s questions?  Funny enough, I suspect that two more pets will be joining us next week.  Keep reading to find out…..


  1. I read this to David, and we laughed the whole way through. Will you at least get some eggs, or are both of them roosters?

  2. Too funny. Time to start building a new bird cage. Hope they make friends with the parrots.


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