Drama Unfolds

I know many of you are waiting for updates on the unfolding drama at our home.  From kid with Malaria to wounded husband to paralyzed dog.  Thank you as always for your words of encouragement and prayers.

Someone asked, “Who had Malaria first?”  It was Darron, shortly upon our return from furlough.  So Aubrey is our families second case.  Which honestly speaking I don’t think is too bad considering we live in a land laden with malaria. Some people are very susceptible (one of my friends has had it 43 times in approximately 10 or 11 years) and some people seem to be naturally resistant as another of my friends just had her first case after living here 21 years.  I am only just beginning to understand this mosquito born disease.  The cycles.  The different types.  The resistance.  The meds that work and the meds that don’t.  The tests available.  The wide range of symptoms.  I have yet, much to learn about it.  Aubrey still feels like a semi truck hit him…..as he describes it.  His fever of 101 F is persisting.  He was really hoping to go to school tomorrow, but it is not going to be.  Hopefully by tomorrow he will be feeling much better.  He did feel well enough this afternoon to battle his brothers a game of Risk……but within a few hours of being propped up, he was done for.  I think all of us get slack at using bug spray in the late afternoon’s when going out.  I’ll have to get back on my band wagon.

Darron’s finger is fine.  He will have to be vigilant at keeping the wound clean otherwise infection will set up.  Currently, it looks healthy and pink.  Leaving wounds open is not a good idea here in the tropics because of flies.  So being diligent to keep clean bandages and ointment on is key.

The dog slept all night and 750 ml of fluid made it in.  This morning when Jan was washing her car the dog could be heard whining…..like she wanted to be outside (was on their porch).  When Jan came in the dog had scooted across the porch and the IV tubing was broken and blood was dripping everywhere out the other end of the tubing.  We later determined that we think Lucy bit the tubing, because when Jan and I tried to stretch it with much might, it would not break.  Lucy had much more movement in her extremities today and late this afternoon went to the bathroom (something us nurses were most concerned about).  We always are worried about what is going in and out!!!!! : )  This evening we decided to put another IV in and also Jan and Bob’s son suggested anti-inflammatory drugs.  So that was given also.  We still don’t know if the dog is going to pull through or not.  Jan put the IV in tonight.  Both of us marveled at how easy it is to put an IV in a dog (at least Lucy’s size). 

That’s all the unfolding of drama for now.  I’ll keep you posted…..


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