It’s Beginning To Look a “LITTLE” Like Christmas

*written December 2nd

I find it fascinating how much culture and weather puts you in the mood or not in the mood for certain events.  Take Christmas for example.  With palm trees waving and sweat dropping, it hardly “feels” like Christmas time.  When you enter the stores you may see an occasional Christmas tree and a few ornaments and tinsel for sale that look worse then what the Dollar Store has to offer, but other then that….it just seems like any other time of the year.  No Christmas music is playing in the stores.  I am forgetting that soon little bamboo hut like stands  will be built at strategic locations near each neighborhood and Christmas music will be blared from these for weeks at a time.  The selection of music is quite limited.  Unfortunately, the tunes will become dreaded noise starting early in the morning and lulling us to sleep each night.  We are not bombarded with advertisements to buy this toy, shirt, perfume, food, or electronic item which is not missed at all.  With all this said, it is really difficult to get in the mood for Christmas.

Thankfully, young eager boys are not as “moody” as their mother and were quick to unpack the very last packed box today.  Our Christmas box.  Here tucked away were sweet little ornaments.  Wooden carved manger scenes that Darron gave me from his trip to Israel, before we were married.  The boy’s first “Christmas” ornament’s.  A hand tatted ornament from my roommate in college, Tammy.  A scrapbook ornament from my scrap booking buddy, Jennifer.  A tea pot ornament from my favorite B & B (White Stone Inn) and lovely friend Missy.  Even little baby “Christmas” socks, that the boys wore.  So many memories, all in one box.  Jacob and Nathaniel were just giddy with chatter as they put up the little 2 foot tree.  They reminisced about Christmas’s past and the ornaments and so many sweet times.  I marveled at their simple delight as I cooked waffles and offered words of encouragement.   Aubrey and Andrew were just not in the mood to come and help.  I must say, Jacob and Nathaniel’s enthusiasm was just a “little” contagious to me. 


We are in our final 2 1/2 weeks before school lets out for the Christmas holiday.  There will be a band concert this week.  The trombone and French horn are coming along nicely.  I tried to get a video clip, but was denied the privilege.  Hopefully, I can catch them unaware at some point, for my reading audience.  Our drama team is ready to perform their first two acts this next Sunday.  I am excited and nervous for them.  The team is made up of Aubrey, Andrew and 4 of their closest friends here in Papua.  I’ll try get clips of that too!  Not fun having camera shy guys……I would think meals provided, should equal unlimited filming rights!!!!!


Darron went and returned this week to Biak.  This was in follow up to some meetings he did earlier there this year.  He was very encouraged with his visit. Darron shared with me how when he goes on his trips, he is often at different churches for long, long hours. He stated that many times little girls will come and sit beside him and just snuggle up and hold his hand. He feels he is getting his “little” girl, at these times. I think it is just precious and am relieved that I don’t have to birth or mother these little girls! : )   Earlier this week found him ministering at a jail about 45 minutes from here.  This jail is for people who have been politically involved.  Oh did Darron have stories to tell.  Unfortunately….he probably can’t blog them.  He found it fascinating how many people came and asked him to speak to the US embassy on their behalf.  Not that it would make a drop of a difference.  People in need of hope.  Speaking of politics.  All has been very calm in Papua.  Historically around the beginning of December, demonstrations start as people express their desire for Papua to become independent from Indonesia.  So far, all is quiet.  Perhaps one of the reasons all is quiet is that we have had no internet since Friday.  We and others speculate that the government turns off the internet or states there are “breaks” in the line to decrease communication, thus decrease demonstrations.  Hmmmm…..?! 

I have had a fulfilling week helping out in the clinic on Monday morning and then following up with bandages changed daily on a student that was in a bad motorcycle accident.  I’m known as the ‘expert’ wound nurse here in our area. Hope I don’t let them down!!!!   It continues to be extremely fulfilling to me, to be able to serve in this roll.  I am so thankful that these doors of opportunity in growth and service opened here for me.  Wish I could share more stories from the clinic……but my blog is getting more and more read and it is a small world in this dear “little” mission community.

We had a “little” scare this week.  We are in the process of finally getting our vehicle “legalized”.  Imagine how our hearts dropped when we received a phone call to say that our car papers and the stamped number on the engine did not match.  Equaling, it probably was a stolen engine.  You can only imagine the distressing thoughts and words Darron and I shared.  Fortunately, it turned out to be a human error and the numbers are all matching. 

Church was interesting this week as the children played a unique instrument to Indonesia.  Also it poured so hard at one point in the service…..I had to take a picture of all the people sitting outside under the eve.  In the background, is the pounding rain.






It’s time for me to close and get some supper for my hungry guys.  It is dark now and the lights are twinkling on the tree.  I think I’ll put some Christmas music on (of my own choice, not from a bamboo hut).  My heart is content.  What a blessing that we could bring so many special treasures from America to here.  Not that little treasures are important or necessary, but it sure makes home not seem so far away and it brought such magical delight to some young boys today.  Wish you all could just pop in for an ice cold drink and a “little” taste of Christmas in the tropics. 


  1. It sounds like your "little" Christmas is a lot like my "little" Christmas. It took maybe 4 minutes to put all 8 decorations out and in place.

  2. It is good to hear from you again, Ruth. I enjoy the peeks into your life through your blog. I laughed out loud about Darron and his little girls and your delight in not having to birth or raise them. ;). . . . Glad ÿou are enjoying some Christmas. It is special.


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