Retrieved Boys, Amebic Husband, Sick Dog

School is out!  We all are drinking in the wonder of weeks without schedule and routine, only to be thankful when they will return.  We decided to go Friday for a short trip to the beach.  All the boys wanted to take the dogs.  Finally by 1 p.m. the parents (who’s to do lists are always way too long) were ready.  As Andrew put it, “The drive to the beach is one of my favorite drives in Papua”.  It is scenic twisting along jungle and places that were mined, and spots where World War II marked it’s reminder of it’s daunting presence in history.  To add to the variety of views was a 4-5 mile stretch that had little Christmas music stands that had been constructed.  Many within just 1/4 mile of each other.  Each unique and ready to blare Christmas tunes. 




We decided to try a new beach to us.  Known for its quiet ways and rocks/verses sand.  With dogs in tow we thought rocks might make for easier clean up factor then sand.  The minute that water came into view our two golden retrievers picked up excitement in their bodies.  Increased respirations, heads cocked, bodies tense……  Finally we decided on the right place and into the water the dogs tore.  They were loads of fun, jumping and running into the ocean.  However, the female (Princess) would approach the children, pawing at them, just wanting to be with them.  Her sharp claws made their mark on Aubrey.  In time, the boys took the boards out.  Princess was happy to float on one.  Buddy, was determined to retrieve every board and boy.  Those boards in his mind belonged on shore and time and time again he tore out into the ocean to retrieve a boy and board.  Princess did not drink any salt water; however, Buddy on the other hand drank and drank volumes while swimming.  After about 1/2 an hour, the salt water began to have it’s effects on Buddy’s system and what went in came rushing out. 



Here Buddy is trying to retrieve Jacob and Board, but Andrew is restraining him.






Fresh Water!!!!


Meanwhile, Darron began feeling quite poorly.  Indonesian beaches are dotted with nice little shelters, so he rested there.  On Wednesday, I diagnosed him with Amoeba.  A common stomach parasite, especially to one who is subject to many meals outside of the home.  The treatment with Flagyl is almost worse then the illness. 




Between Darron and dog…..our trip to the beach was quickly loosing it’s relaxing promise.  We decided to head home.  Darron thought it would be better if he drove and could at least anticipate all the bumps and jerks and twists and turns, rather then just have to endure them.  Enough time passed, that we felt Buddy could contain his body fluids and then we loaded up.  With many steep hills ahead we began our journey home.  Not even 15 minutes away from the beach, Darron exclaimed, “Oh no, we are not doing well.  I have my foot to the floor and we are barely going”.  From then on the car jerked and sputtered up the hills and coasted down them.  Clearly something was gravely wrong.  We all were praying and willing that vehicle home.  Several times the engine died….leaving us thinking, this was the end only for it to rumble and sputter to life once again.  In first gear, we would creep and jerk at 5-10 miles per hour.  If we could gain enough speed then 2nd and 3rd gear would be a little less jerky.  However, pot holes, children, animals,  approaching vehicles driving on more then their fair share of the road kept us jerking back into the tortuous 1st gear. 

Before our vehicle had begun to behave in this unpleasant manner….I had been entertaining the thought that I should be more adventurous and bring the children to the beach more often.  Even if Darron was out of town.  Perhaps this was a gentle nudge, that I do not need to wander far without the protection of my man or at least being with another family who I can call on for help.

After 20-30 minutes of not thinking our car was going to have enough gas power to get us home, it all of a sudden returned to normal running conditions.  Perhaps it was water in the gas?  Spark plugs?  Gas pump?  Who knows!  But we made it home.  With all our boys and boards (thanks to Buddy), with a dog who had a great GI clean out, and with a husband who is going to be OK….if he can just survive 7 more days of treatment. 

I think Sunday morning we will go to the sand beach.  No dogs. Seeking relaxation therapy. 


Views like this are hard to resist.


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