FVT, 569.v, New Diagnosis in Sentani, Papua

There is a new diagnosis in Sentani, Papua.  It stands for “Funky Viral Thing”.  I am qualified to write about this FVT, 569.v dx and code because I have just spent the last 5 days studying it, intensely.  It can present in many different ways and can mimic nasty tropical diseases like: malaria, dengue fever, typhoid, and worse.  If you are a mother with an active brain and a house hold of sick children struck with this FVT, then yes, you can imagine much worse.  It can drive the mother to great research, pulling out random text books, texting friends, emailing doctors and causing her to question all sound judgment.  Make sure you follow up on the mother and her sanity.  Really, she is at much more risk then those struck with FVT (usually young children).  She suffers from lack of sleep, lack of trust in the outcome of her children, and overwork (the passing of meds, wiping fevered brows, bathing the fevering child, research, pushing fluids, extra laundry, and baking appetizing things for children struck with this malady). 

In the 3 case studies that we will look at the symptoms all progressed in the same pattern.  Achy body for 2-3 days, then sudden onset of high fever (102-104.3), malaise, mild tummy complaints and decreased appetite.  By 24-48 hours the fever was gone and the patient seemed much improved.  This by 48-72 hours the patient broke out with a rash.  Case study one: from head to foot, with a raised red and mildly itchy rash.  Case study two with a blotchy non raised rash on chest and back.  Case study three:  scattered non raised rash, very mild (almost non existent).  Also fever returned with a horrid headache.  Case study one described it as an “elephant sitting on his head”.  Case study two: could hardly move, held head, facial grimacing and also complained of intense pain when moving eyes.  Case study three:  mild headache.  Every night all three cases were clammy to touch.  By day 4, the fever had gone away again and then at night the final high fever running 102-103.  Severe head ache again.  This is when the mother is most likely to be at highest risk for insanity.

In order to verify that these cases were indeed viral, this said mother took her 3 cases of FVT to an Indonesia Dr.  who actually did a house call and then asked that we go to his clinic so that we could draw blood.  Normally, I would have skipped this, but with our departure and having to ride on airplanes for hours on end, in less then a week, it was decided that this would be a good option.  We were ushered right into the lab where the 3 case studies gave their blood and had to pee into a tiny glass bottle with a very narrow opening.  Then for the next 2 hours we sat in the waiting area, with many, many clients.  Many thanks to Jan who came with us and encouraged us throughout this process.  So many of the children were very sick, laying on the tile floors or parents holding them in the traditional sling.  Their parents fanning them with their flip flops.  Many patients didn’t even wear shoes.  Some of the grown up were there in pajamas.  I worried that we were going to get sicker from everything that we were exposed too.  There was no “well side”, “sick side”.  NO folks, this was a 3rd world clinic.  And yet, after what seemed, forever….the Dr. spent lots of time with us.  He was very complete in his exam.  He checked the blood work for all “major” illnesses and it all pointed to VIRAL.  This cost a mere amount of $15.00 (total) for all three case studies.  That is $5 less then my co-pay for one child in America. 

Today, day 5, all three cases of FVT in this household are much improved.  Also the mother appears stable.  This is all GREAT news!!!! : )  There is a concern and risk that FVT, 569 v.  will strike the other child and parents.  Rendering them in a unstable position to pack and depart on their annual furlough.  Yet they are trusting that all will be well.  Please pray for this outcome. 

Thank you for reading this report.  We will keep you up-to-date as we gather more information on this FVT diagnosis.


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