Nine and Brokenhearted

The day dawned with a rainstorm.  It was short.  Soon the tropical sun, beat upon the glistening grass.  Today would be simmering hot for Field Day.   The whole family piled into the car by 7:10.  Darron too, even though he would need to go and check in at the airport and then return to the school.  We proudly watched Aubrey and Andrew compete and place in most events.  I had fed them a big breakfast which did not settle to well with the  great exertion (sorry guys).  Jacob and Nathaniel, patiently waiting and watched.  We teased them that the home school children were not allowed to compete, because the school knew that the home school children would win all the events.  That settled well.




What didn’t settle well, is when Aubrey and Andrew were invited to spend the afternoon at a friends.  Instead of going grocery shopping with me, for our once a month…..BIG SHOP.  Yet, Jacob and Nathaniel had to go.  Normally, the two younger boys are so good natured about whatever life hands them.  However, this day was different.  Jacob, a month from 10, felt this was so unfair.  First he had to stand and watch his brothers compete.  Now they got to hang out while he was drug to the grocery store.  Tomorrow, their friends were coming over for drama.  He was broken hearted about this Field Day. 

I listened to his frustrations for about 15 minutes.  They continued to spiral downward and Nathaniel was joining the band wagon.  So putting on my sympathetic but stern, matter- of -fact mother voice, I told them I was sorry, but they needed to stop and have good attitudes.  In my mother heart, I was praying that God would somehow ease their hurting hearts.  Meanwhile, I am speeding towards the grocery store that is 45 minutes from our home and Darron was now airborne, flying to Nabire.

When we arrive at Saga (my favorite grocery store here in Papua) we are a bit happier, with plans to buy French Fries from the Kentucky Fried Chicken upstairs.  As we walk in the door, but who are the first people we see?  The Schley boys!!!!! (Jacob and Nathaniel’s closest friends here in Papua). Their Dad and I chat for a few minutes, while Amy ( their mom) is checking out.  On a whim (and a prayer), I ask if I can take their boys home (as they still had much shopping left to do).  A few minutes later, Amy finds me and says that they would love for me to take their boys home.  As I hurry off to get my shopping done, I fight back tears of how God provided for Jacob’s needs.  We NEVER see friends at Saga.  Little did I know how God ordained my having the Schley boys would be.



It wasn’t long before the four guys were all tucked in the back seat.  They jibbered and jabbered about only things that 11-8 year old boys can talk about.  War. Guns. Cars.  A few Indonesian words thrown in here and there.  Vivid imaginations.  When we stopped to pick up the Aubrey and Andrew……the younger guys all stretched their legs on a lovely playground on the missionary base.  Soon 6 boys were pilled in the car, amidst groceries.

The Schley parents had said they would be to our home by 5.  When it was getting close to 6, I began to check my phone a little more frequently for a text message.  It wasn’t long before Amy called to say that their car had broken down in Sentani and could I come and help them get to their house and drop off keys to the mechanic?  So off the Schley boys and I went, while leaving my younger ones to bathe, with the older two in charge.  Fortunately, we were able to shift all their purchased goods into our car, drop off keys to the mechanic and then get them home.  They were so grateful and thankful that their boys didn’t have to wait through all that shopping and then the broken down vehicle. 

I was so thankful that God knew my Jacob needed a friend and provided the get together in such a way that would bless all involved.  I have some friends who feel that these things are just coincidence.  I LOVE to believe that they are all beautiful details of how our God loves to be intimately involved in our lives.  If I ask my earthly father for bread, will he give me a stone?  No!   Awe… much more, my heavenly father loves to give great gifts. 



Another God moment, last week….when a rainbow circled the sun.


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