Cruising, Boozing, Viewing

Last Saturday afternoon, we decided that we would go for a drive/ride.  Kind of like the “Sunday afternoon ride”.  Kind of……..

It was decided that Aubrey would drive the motorbike with Darron as the “licensed driver” on the back.  In Indonesia, a 15 year old can drive this way legally if they have a licensed driver with them.  The rest of the family would tag along in the car.  Several wanted to ride the bike, so blue jeans and jackets were put on as protection “just in case”.  Destination: Sentani lake to take in the views. P1020259

I held my breath as Aubrey navigated the coconut bridge and muddy incline.  I prayed when we spotted a drunk man standing in the middle road.  He had just stopped another man on a motorbike and took his helmet and was wearing it.  Aubrey and Darron made it through.  How would we fair?  Jacob recommended, “Lock your door, Mom.”  As the drunk man was within a foot of our car, I gunned the engine and shot out of his boozing stupor reach.  We then had a funny conversation about some missionaries that carry a Taser, spray and other things in their vehicles to ward off drunks.  Maybe not a bad idea…..

The views began to open out upon the lake.  After a while we pulled over to drink it all in.  The kind of drinking this family can handle!  The day was overcast and a wind was blowing.  It was cool and refreshing. 








Guess who got to ride home with Dad?!  We enjoyed our afternoon outing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the views at Sentani lake.  Thanks for reading and praying for us!


  1. We just sold Carl's motorbike.... much to his chagrin. But he just was not finding time to use it, now that we have a SOH vehicle for him to drive. I think I feel better not having it though. Those motorbikes scare me! Especially with the type of drivers we have here in SA!! Are you nervous to have your boys on it? Or am I a more nervous nelly than you??? :-)


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