Eric’s Aeronautical School (by Jacob Boyd)

I went to Eric's Aeronautical school this summer and learned how to build RC planes.  Eric is my 11 year old cousin.  Eric's Aeronautical School is brand new.  In fact i was his first student.  Eric loves anything that flies, except mosquitoes.   He has about 30 RC home made planes all over his room.




I was at Eric's Aeronautical school for 1/2 a day and built one airplane. He and his family live in Woodbury, Tennessee which is a little over an hour away from my Grandma's house where we were staying for part of our summer furlough.  I also had time to drive their go-cart and play on their x-box and still got a whole FT flyer plane complete.  Included in the building lesson came a free lunch.  It was a mouth watering warm Cheesy Italian sandwich. 

Eric really helped me learn how to build an airplane.  We made it out of foam boards that come from the Dollar Tree and cut out the pattern from the board with xacto knives. The plans are found on the web site:  flight test. Many different models and designs for planes are on this web site, along with instructional videos. Eric's older brother, David, sautered the wires for the engine.  Then we took all the cut out parts and  glued them all together with hot glue. 



It took us 2-3 hours to do all of this.  When we finished we flew the plane over the open field and tested it out. Then David and Eric made a few adjustments on the servo's.  Cautiously I flew the plane.  I felt nervous flying the plane, because in my past years of "flying" I crashed an RC plane and it was very expensive to fix.  The great thing about these planes is that when you crash them, you can fix them right away, with very little money.

Just yesterday, i finished my first RC plane to build by myself, with my older brother (Aubrey) slightly assisting me.  The plane crashed  within the first minute of it's flight. I then glued it back together.  An hour later i went back out to fly the FT Flyer and crashed it again....but it did fly longer.  Last night i fixed my plane again and came outside early this morning and flew it even longer, but crashed it again.  Right now it is a little bit tail heavy.  So it is always wanting to climb higher, with its nose up. Also I am learning how to fly the plane.  I plan to rebuild the part that broke and get back out to the mission airstrip to fly as soon as i can. 
I don't think that I would have been able to build the planes as easily if i hadn't gone to Eric's Aeronautical School.  Thanks for helping me "fly" Eric. 





  1. thanks jacob. hope you get it flying.

  2. Good work, Jacob! Sounds like something my Nate would love to do!!


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