Lines Everywhere (by Jacob)


Sentani, Indonesia has new improvements that began during the summer while I was in America.  Sentani has got new lines.  They have new lines on the street.  They have new electricity lines.  They even have a line at the mall, with their new gate. 

Sentani workers have started painting road lines in the streets.  Before they painted these lines, I thought that they were going to put  reflectors on the dots marking where the lines were to be. These lines are from Gunung Merah out to Doyo Baru,  where we live.  Helpfully one can now see the boundaries that are on the road. 



From Gunung Merah into Sentani they have added a lip extension on the former barrier in between the two sides of the road.  Its purpose is so that water will not spray onto the other side of the road and blind the drivers.  They built it with cement and they added it onto the old divider, making it taller.  Then they had to put stucco on the outside of the cement form.  After that they painted it.  Black and white stripes.



The Indonesian workers are putting in new high tension electricity towers from Ginyum where there is a hydro plant.  They've built these electricity towers all over the place and they are starting to string up the lines.  They have built a bamboo scaffolding to maybe help build a tower or to help get the wires over the street.  The scaffolding looks strong, but it probably isn't that strong.  There is even a high tension tower at the base of Mount Cyclops. 





At the Sentani market huge metal buildings are being built for a "new" market.  They are located near the exit to the current market.


At the mall there is a new hair cutting shop called Yopi on the main floor by Texas Chicken.  Occasionally when you go out of the mall to give the ticket to the gate guy, he will lower down a rope and you drive across it.  Do you see that there are lines everywhere?  This is the new improved Sentani.





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