Duck Donuts by Jacob Boyd

Duck Donuts is a donut store in Outer Banks, North Carolina. They make their donuts right there, on the spot,  in the store. They are a very popular donut shop. Every morning there is a huge line all the way out into the parking lot.  At Duck Donuts you order your own custom designed donut. 

Custom designed donut????!  Yes, first you must choose a glaze.  There are many flavors like: strawberry, orange, maple, regular glaze, chocolate and more.  The next choice is what topping you would like.  There are lots of toppings including: coconut, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, bacon, nuts,and more.

When I went to Duck Donuts there was hardly anybody in the shop because it was 10:00 a.m.  I went with my Papa and cousin, Joshua.  We had gone to the store and bought buggy boards and our Papa brought us to the donut store to have a treat.

When we walked in the fresh, rich, delightful smell greeted us.  First we filled out our order sheet.  I chose maple glaze and no topping.  Soon after we filled out our sheet we handed it to the cashier. Meanwhile, there was a guy making the batter behind the counter.  After the batter was made and Papa had paid, the batter poured into a mold and then dropped into the boiling oil.  Not long after that the donuts came up out of the oil onto a conveyor belt.  Immediately a person took them to the glazing section and dipped and turned those donuts into the glaze.  Then they were passed to the topping section. In the end the hot donuts were put into a box and handed to us.  Fresh. Hot. Personally custom designed donuts. 

They melt in your mouth like nothing else.  Dunkin Donuts (available in our town in Indonesia) does not compare to Duck Donuts. 


Mom, Ruth, here chiming in on this yummy summer memory.  Because it was not only filled with calories but with special times to connect with great people. : )  Aubrey and I had a lovely trip to Duck Donuts, when the line was out the door.  30 minutes long.  Lots of time to talk and share.  Worth every calorie and dollar.  Sweetness.



  1. Donuts! Delicious!! Do you remember finding the Dunkin Donuts in Manila and thinking we were in heaven?


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