A Void

I was warned that people can leave here very fast.  Like most of hear say, it’s hard to understand until it really happens and then the understanding comes to life. 

Sadly our friends the Stumph’s told us that they would be leaving to go spend some time with John’s father who is fighting cancer.  Within one week they packed and flew.  Many Saturdays we hung out together, fellowshipping and worshipping together.  John’s booming laugh still resounds on our walls.  Signs of sweet Wendy are all over my house with hand sewn apron’s, and cloth coaster’s.  Their boys and ours share many memories from swimming, honor’s, long talks, games in the dark, hikes, etc. etc. 



We pray that their time in the States is filled with many special memories and warmth.  Will we see them again in Papua?  Only time will tell.  But our hearts have a little void “Stumph” spot.  And we learn to cherish the friendships we have here a little closer for who knows who may have to leave quickly next. 




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