School, Helpers, Doctor’s Needed, Daydreams*

*This was written around the 15th of September, but was unable to be posted….due to no internet. Old news is better then no news! : )


Life is taking on a rhythm of school, school, school.  I am still drinking in the relief and joy of having Aubrey and Andrew schooled by others.  Enjoying lots of extra time with the younger two and being able to really focus on their education.  Having time to do the “fun” learning like science experiments.  Jacob, Nathaniel, and Jason loved learning how to do the “spoon trick”.  While I am not wishing these fun days of learning with Jacob and Nathaniel away, I will admit I have already daydreamed about them going to school too!



Aubrey and Andrew, though tired are really enjoying the classroom setting.  Everyday they come home and talk with me about class discussions.  Andrew loves his computer teacher and language arts teacher.  Aubrey is also enjoying his language arts teacher, but enjoys his math teacher too.  They are both in band.  Aubrey is learning the French Horn and Andrew the Trombone.  Each week they are required to memorize Bible texts in Indonesian (that should build some new brain connections).  They are challenged and making friends.

This week saw a new house helper in our home as Alce did get a job as a school teacher of culture.  We were all sad to see her go.  Ibu Ika is our new helper.  She is more of a grandmother figure.  Our first few days together we worked hard to figure each other out.  She has caught on very quickly and has this house running in lovely order by the end of this week.  There are still learning curves.  Ibu Ika is scared to light my gas stove top to heat the water, as it is a bit tricky and will often make a big poof (even though I am not scared, I will often scream when lighting it).  So far, I have had to light it for her.  Also this evening when we went to put the little boys to bed, it appeared that the beds had not been made (the sheets were washed today).  We could not find the fitted sheets anywhere.  We looked in drawers, laundry baskets, etc.  At last Darron thought to look under the mattress cover.  Sure enough, there was the fitted sheet….nicely “made”. It brought chuckles to us all.



Darron is off to Manokwari, for the weekend.  This is his first trip away since we have returned from America.  We have enjoyed his long stretch home with us and will miss him dearly.  He will be back on Sunday and home until Wednesday and then off to Biak for 11 days….ugh!!!  However, the days are full and time zips by… we will look eagerly forward to his return and in the meantime, press on!

Our home is ever so ready for us to move in.  This week all the back splash tile was put in place and it has finished the kitchen so nice.  A great laundry line has been welded and concreted in place.  My big freezer from America is now running and I have been able to shift some food over there, giving me breathing room in our current fridge/freezer.  Most of the boxes I have unpacked and the contents are sitting on shelves in what is to be our “one air conditioned” room.  We will probably officially move in on Sunday when Darron returns.  We are all very excited about having western bathrooms and finally unpacking and being “home”.

I have started working at the clinic every other Monday.  Right now, one other nurse and I are shadowing our only Doctor.  Trying to glean as much knowledge from her as we possibly can.  For in December, she leaves to go on Furlough until the following August.   Once our Doctor goes, then all the foreigners are reliant on us nurses, or trying to seek out reliable care here. Or flying far to seek western trained doctors.    I do love our Doctor, she has excellent bed side manner.  Loves to teach and is extremely patient.  I feel blessed to be under her and look forward to the opportunities that are forthcoming.  If any doctors are willing to come and spend some time here next year, the mission community would be so appreciative. 

As always, thanks for reading and praying….and who knows….perhaps you are thinking of coming to Papua to visit and help.  We would love to have you.  Jacob and Nathaniel are already talking about when the Wolf and Jordan family come to visit.  Nathaniel even said “when they move here”.  ; )  We all have daydreams……




  1. Picturing you screaming at each stove lighting. Ha! Glad the sheets were found. Never dull there, that's for sure.


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