Rainy Day, Black Outs, Flies

This is the first day in Papua (Monday, September the 3rd) that I have really felt cold.  I would guess it is in the 70’s but with the rain coming down…….brrrrrr.  I was inspired to make bread for the week and pizza for supper.  The pizza was just inhaled (not sure if they even taste it….smile) when the power went out.  So out came the great windup flashlights from Uncle Jonathan.  Also the lovely scented sugar cane soy candle (intended for more romantic purposes).  The nice battery operated lantern is uncharged (what unfortunate timing).  The kitchen was still in full swing with dishes being done and a full stalk of bananas being peeled to go in the freezer for smoothies at a later time.  All twelve hands were at work.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at Aubrey inspecting the bananas by flashlight to make sure he was not putting grubs in the freezer (if bananas get too ripe they can have grubs crawling in them). 

Sometimes when it is raining or has rained, a little flying bug comes swarming into the house attracted by the lights.  The screens don’t seem to keep them out.  It usually just happens on rainy days/nights and they seems to die quickly.  Of course tonight, with the rain, the bugs decided to join the party in the kitchen.  So while Aubrey is checking out the bananas.  Nathaniel is keeping busy with the fly swatter.  Jacob and Andrew are peeling.  I’m washing the dishes.  Darron comes to rinse.   I warn him with the power out that we will only have a little water, until it is all gone.  The water splashes away at full blast. 

At last the kitchen is relatively clean.  As clean as candle and flashlight power will allow.  The flies are attracted to my lovely soy candle.  They are dying as they land in the sweet smelling wax.  So much for love.  I decide to go read a little more of my book titled “It’s Time to Go Home when You Look Like Your Passport” (which is a great light hearted read).  The flies like the tea candle also and are crawling all over my book, hands and at times my face.  I go kiss the little ones by the light from my tea candle.  I put the risen bread in the oven and want to wash some dough off my hands…..but the faucet yields no water.


I think it is time to write a blog.  The flies love the computer light.  Flick. Flick.  The power surges on.  I blow out my soy candle from Home Goods and pick the dead flies out of the still warm wax with a fork.  Love will motivate one to do amazing things.  It’s not the candle that billows that love, but the One who first loved me.  Amen.  May our light burn ever so brightly in Papua.


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