Hope Deferred.....

Tuesday at 4 p.m we moved.  By 9:30 p.m. we crashed into beds at our new home.  Grateful.
Wednesday at 7 a.m. Darron flew to Biak for 11 days.  The older boys went to school.  Those of us remaining (smile) finished moving all the little stuff, that amounts to a whole lot of stuff.  The last few days have been filled to the brim with unpacking and organizing and decorating. Yes!  Home at last.  It is beautiful.  My heart is rejoicing and nesting.

We have enough evidence and hope to believe that new phone lines are coming soon.  Which (cross our fingers and saying prayers) COULD mean the possibility of fastER internet.  The process is painful.  Instead of bringing in the new phone lines and switching from old to new all in one swoop.  The old phone lines have been cut.  Equaling almost no internet on campus.  Darron has weak options in his office if one can show up here before 6:00 a.m.  Yesterday I arrived at 6 only to be able to see that i had over 150 emails to read, but it was to slow to open any of them.  Today I am here at 5:15 a.m..  Thus, this blog to bring my faithful followers a snippet of the lack of communication.  We are all healthy and thriving.  Now, believing that better internet in our own home will come soon.  In the meantime, I will quote one of my favorite books, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick."

Please pray with us for internet soon and abundant blessings on Darron as he "goes".


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