Come “Go” With Us

Darron is often asked to preach “locally” when he is home.  Many invitations he turns down, because there are so many.  However, the family is getting more ready and open to venturing to new places with Darron.  So on this Saturday, we were up bright and early.  Pot luck food stowed in the cooler.  Along with our own plates and utensils (because that is how it is done).  We followed Pastor Desmond and his family and 4 seminary students who were riding in a “taxi” (like our multi passenger vans, with row bench seats).  Our destination was Abe, about a 45 minute drive.  The occasion, was a 15 year celebration. 

The church was tucked smack in the middle of a neighborhood.  There was not one parking space, but that is ok…..because most people don’t come in cars.  We loved the mounted fans that blew strongly on us, 2nd row from the back!  A large cake was up front, it looked delicious.  A candle ceremony took place where for about 20 minutes different sons from the 4 mother’s whom the church was named after came forward and lit the candles.  There were  three special music’s.



At one point I needed to go to the bathroom.  I couldn’t resist taking pictures while waiting.  The picture shows the little alley way, where the bathroom was tucked away at.  On the other side of the wall that I could peer over), were many houses.  The water hose is where all the pot luck dishes were washed after the meal.  Also from my place standing in line I could take a picture (through the window) of the children taking an offering.  It is common for whatever paper to be gabbed (newspaper or even the quarterly lesson) and it twisted into a cone shape to gather the children’s money. 




Darron and Desmond’s sermon was powerful.  Those two men together are mighty men of God.  I love watching them talk, share and work together.  It is refreshing to hear Darron preach, as we rarely do anymore.


Lalah (Pastor Desmond’s wife) and I talked for a long time about surviving well as a pastor’s wife and with young children in church.  She goes almost every weekend with her husband for all day.  Her children are 1 and 2.  She has no sweet felt books or little quiet activities.  I told her I would ask my friends if they still had nice quiet church activities, that are still in great condition and modern (that their children have outgrown).  I admire her, for determining to follow her husband all day.  I remember church with little ones……and that was just a half a day, in nice acclimatized buildings, with nurseries and diaper changing tables and flushing toilets and high chairs, and lovely children programs.  I took it all for granted.  I thought it was difficult.


At potluck we are always asked to go through line first.  In America, as a pastoral couple, we always went through line last.  We eat with our plates on our laps.  There are no potluck tables. They place the special fruit platter right in front of our chairs, especially for us.  We are honored guests.  Lalah and Desmond’s children laugh for over 30 minutes at Jacob, who was playing with them. 



At 2 we slip into our van and wave and yell “Dah” to all the people gathered to see us off.  Our van squeezes through the narrow road as other vehicles are trying to enter, along with motor cycles.  We were blessed to “go” today.  Thanks for coming along with us.


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