Life Hero’s #1

I thought it would be fun to feature some of the people that we are getting to know.  It is very common in the mission community to have people over for a meal.  Perhaps that is one of the criteria to being a missionary wife, “Can she cook?”  Yet, even for those who don’t (and there are a few x-pat women here who don’t), they train others too and still host people in their homes. 

It is a very rich experience to break bread with some of the most humble people that walk this planet.  People who are sold out to “loosing much” to follow God’s calling in their lives.  It is the foolishness of the gospel and we heard the foolishness repeated listening to Amy and Roger several weeks ago at our table.  Jacob and Nathaniel are very good friends with their two boys, Daniel and Ryan.  The family had just returned to Sentani after spending 6 months at their remote interior tribal location.  To get to their tribe, they have to ride on a mission plane and then a helicopter ride.  Roger said that by the end of their 6 months interior that their food choices were getting very limited.  And I groan if the store is out of peanut butter.

This precious family represents one of the many Wycliffe families here.  Their long term goal will be to have a Bible (or parts of it) translated to the local dialect.  Every day they spend hours working on language, translation work, attending medical needs, home schooling, and surviving.  They were really encouraged this time out, as they felt that being with their people for so long really made a huge impact.

I marvel at the dedication of this family.  Their commitment is not short term, but extreme long term.  In one and half more years their oldest son will come to the international school where Aubrey and Andrew attend and will be a dorm student there. 

Currently, Roger, Amy, Daniel and Ryan are in America on furlough.  Roger is finishing his master’s in linguistics on this “break”.  I wish they could sit at your table.  Something deep within you would be stirred at the twinkling in Roger’s eye, as he talked about the tribal people and the dedication and love in Amy’s eyes as she also spoke of their work.  We are honored and blessed by this family. 



  1. Lovely to "meet" these awesome people! Love it that you have such an amazing community of missionaries around you with a wealth of knowledge and passion! I am sure it is fun to get to "rub" shoulders with all these great folks!


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