Drive On, James.

Oh we fight.  We fight hard.  We fight long.  What do we fight about and who are we?  We are mom’s living in a 3rd world, ‘missionaries’, who want a break!!!!! : ) 

Heidi, my friend and neighbor,and I try every couple of months to slip away and do a big shopping trip.  This is not shopping for clothes and nick knacks to fill our home.  Nope, it is simply shopping for food.  And maybe a few household appliances.  Sometimes it is nice to break away from our local town, and see stores that have a few more items or imported goods.  Always to have a friend to share the day, makes it more fun and memorable. 

Our first time to do this, Heidi was dealing with one of her son’s being quite ill.  This last time, I was having child care difficulties for Jacob and Nathaniel.  The dear lady (she is another soon to come blog) who was scheduled to watch them, had to go to immigration last minute.  To understand the last minute ness of immigration, just read one of my latest blogs on this topic.  sigh.  After several texts to friends, the boys were taken care of……..and I am so thankful to these friends who wanted me to enjoy a “day out”.

We left at 7:30.  One of the really nice perks for me tagging along with Heidi, is her organization provides a driver to the families that work there.  So as Heidi and I sit in the back seat and catch up on everything that we should be able to do over the fence (but don’t), the driver takes the stress of dodging motorcycles, people, pot holes and 20 other things that I am just not going to list right now.  We simply tell him where we want to go and from place to place, “James” drives us.  It does give one the feeling of being “rich” should I say?!


And yet the real richness is stepping away from the daily grind.  Being with a friend who understand much of my heart.  Finding some food that will bring nourishment and delight to my family.  And just being with a girlfriend.  We are both mommies of boys.  Sometimes it’s nice to be a girl.

Thanks Heidi for so much more then fun shopping trips.  I’ll look forward to seeing you next time, whether it is over the fence or driving with “James”.



  1. Awesome, Ruth! I soooo understand the need for "mommy get-away time" even if it is just for food shopping. I shop with all 3 of mine every week… we have all gotten used to it, so it is no big deal now, but sure is fun when one gets to go with a friend! (and childless!)

  2. Yes, "James" is a God-send. :) Wendy


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