Jungle Fudge

How lovely it is to get a gift from a friend locally.  It’s also delightful to get  a present in the mail from America.  But there is a place that I am still just shocked and amazed to get presents from and that’s the jungle.  I mean…..the remote jungle.  No stores.  Nothing but tribal people and their traditional homes.  And yet……gifts keep coming.

I have received: peppermint flavoring (American brand) from the jungle along with  a book to read, tea spoons, gift cards, meaningful notes, and the latest…… Christmas fudge.  Unbelievable.  I am ALWAYS so humbled by these gifts.  And by the people who send them. 

We are blessed to know two families that live in this remote location in Papua.  They are the Elliot’s and the Lee’s.  The Elliot’s stayed in our home this summer while we were in America.  They are totally dedicated to bringing the gospel to this remote tribe and have already been working there for 8 years.  We enjoyed many evenings this summer (when we were back from furlough) hanging out with the Elliot’s (while they were still “in town”).  Jim and Joy Elliot are known for medical work in their tribe.  Even though neither are “medically trained”.  They do things that make me completely envious…..like drain an abscess that will fill up at least a whole mayonnaise jar full of puss.  They also see many very tragic situations.  They are the only medical help that their people will ever know……unless the Elliot’s request a medical flight to get the native people out.

Recently joining the Elliott’s at their project sight is the Lee’s.  The Lee’s son is in Andrew’s class and any break when the Lee’s can’t be in from the interior or fly Yohan in to see them, Yohan stays with us.  Yohan is like another son to us.  He is a well mannered, kind young man and is just a delight to have around.  We are friends with the Lee’s also. 

So how do gifts come from the jungle????  They come from Joy Elliot and Hyejin Lee.  I can’t out bless or out give these two ladies.  They sneak stuff onto planes that come in and out of their village. 

It is truly 100% humbling and yummy to eat jungle fudge.  My life is so rich by the people that I am so blessed to meet here.  Thank you Lord for these precious families willing to follow your call in their lives, even unto the ends of the earth and thanks for jungle fudge! ; )  Is there anyone you could drop a little gift of encouragement to today?  Near or far…..remote or local?  The impact could be huge!  And if jungle women can do it, using little tiny planes….just imagine the impact you could have with Fed X, postal systems, Amazon…..the possibilities are limitless.




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