It Takes A Village to Raise a Child and I Need this Village

In the home school circles there are posters, tee shirts, and bumper stickers that say “I looked at the village and I don’t like what I see”.  Roll back 4 or 5 years and I was all thumbs up about that statement.  Fast forward to now and I know that I can’t raise these kids alone.  Especially here in the mission field when Darron is gone for long stents at a time.

The beauty in all this… here I look at the village (no it is not without it’s flaws) and it is an amazing village. One of the beautiful thing about missionaries in general is their marriages are intact and they tend to be on the higher standard side of life values (I say that with caution).  The village people are more then happy to lend a hand.  We have been incredibly blessed by one lady.  Her name is Leta.  We have called her everything from Mrs. K……s, to Aunt Leta (almost all x-patriot women, the children address as “Aunt ______”) and have now settled on Oma.  Last year Oma spent 3 hours a week patiently working with my struggling reader.  She wept with me, as we watched him struggle.  She encouraged me over and over again, as I was so desperately worried about this dear boy.  Leta would listen to me and council me.  Leta has spent over 20 years here.  Raised her three girls here, who are all now making their own lives in America. 







This year Leta helps to watch Jacob and Nathaniel while I shop at the market.  The boys despise going to the market, because people pinch their cheeks and arms.  Also the smells and filth equal sensory overload to them.  So rather then endure market with Mom, they go to Oma’s house.  Oh, they love going to Oma’s house.  Oma always has something new to show them or teach them.  She loves to ask them questions all about their lives and she tells them about hers.  They have made crafts and cookies with Oma.  Played games and read books.  My heart is at peace shopping the market, knowing that my boys are being carefully looked after.

The neat thing about Oma, is that she needs us as much as we need her.  Oma has several grand children in America and she longs to be with them.  Spending time with our boys fills her grandmother cup a little bit.

There are many others who help make up this village of support people.  Several young married couples are here at the international school, passionate about trying to make a difference in the lives of middle and high school students.  They are!  I so appreciate their influence.


Many of my friends would drop a lot to help me, if I hollered. And  they have!!!!  Just knowing that there is a village of willing, compassionate people around me is very comforting.  Maybe it is time that homeschool families re look at the village that is around them…….  I’m glad I did! ; )


  1. Hello Ruth...just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. My daughter is currently working at HIS and has directed me to your blog to get a better grasp of what life in her area is like. Keep up the good work! :)


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