I Hit the Ground Running…..

This morning, as I was running, I waved to a worker on campus and missed seeing the uneven cement.  The next thing I knew my body was falling in fast but slow motion through the air.  Tumble. Crash.  I hit the ground, on all fours.  As blood trickled from my knee scrape and I assured the dear lady sweeping outside that I was fine and I reflected:  ever since I’ve arrived in Papua I have hit the ground running.

Kitchen shelves are restocked.  Market produce has been bought, and washed.  Staples have been made.  5 or 6 meetings have been attended.  The Sophomore class came over Saturday night for a bonfire and meeting.  9 guests have come over for meals.  Friends have been greeted.  Prayer group has been started.  Clinic schedule is out.  Statistics class goes on.  Boxes have been unpacked.  Dogs have been dewormed.  Baby parakeet died.  Darron took me on a date.  Meals have been made.  Dishes have been washed.  Laundry hung outside.  Roaches squashed.  Ants have marched in and they have been sprayed.

Home school was started. 

Home school was started.

Home school was started.

That is such a huge task, I thought it deserved to be repeated.



I am struggling to find balance and find the joy of living in this delightful and yet very difficult place. Bottom line, I am too busy right now.  It will get better.  I’ve almost finished a big project for my class and will have finished a test in the next few days.  I’m so busy that I haven’t even responded to quite a few personal emails (sorry, I will soon).

Aubrey and Andrew both have a complete new bounce in their steps since returning.  Routine.  Friends.  Lots to do.  Own home.  Own kitchen.  Year book.  Soccer.  Music.  Friends.  Freedom.  They leave in the morning for beach trip with all the high school.  Awesome crazy fun.  I rejoice for them.



Jacob and Nathaniel are happy to have routine again.  They love homeschool.  Their friends from interior are in town…..so they have had 3 play dates this week, plus soccer and art.  Along with on the first day of school they got to observe a Papuan Frog Mouth bird, as it was found injured at the school. 



And so we/ I have hit the ground running.  It hasn’t been very gracious……but I am here and I’m sweating.  The music is playing.  I’m finding the rhythm.  Here we go, year 3 or is that 4 (?)…..running with palms open anticipating great things.


  1. Hello dear friend! Your gift of hospitality is amazing! I still remember how you used to gather people in our little apartment at Southern - for prayer, for meals, for games.... lovely to hear how you are using that gift in Papua. And I LOVE reading your blogs to get glimpses into your life there!


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