The Woman of Shunem

Have you ever experienced the hospitality of the “Woman of Shunem”?  You know who she is, right?

We have read the stories a hundred times to our children when they were pre kindergarten age.  The Shunamite woman is the lady in the Bible who wanted to add a room onto her home for Prophet Elisha. So that when he passed through on his long journey, he would have a place to stay.  “Brick upon Brick, with mortar between”.

Last summer and this summer, the Woman of Shunem (ika: Carol), has given us her home for over a week.  Everything spotless.  Special foods just for us in the fridge, freezer and pantry.  No expectations.  Just for us to come and be.  While she completely trusts us and leaves.


Carol spent many of her adult years overseas.  So she understands the perspective of the furloughing American.

This is such a gift to us.  Words don’t express how much we appreciate a week in our “old home town”, alone.  Where everything is familiar.  Where we can eat and sleep and exercise on our schedule and how we like.  This year Darron and I were alone for much of this time, while the older boys were at summer camp and the younger boys with their dear friends and then onto camp cousin.  Darron and I drank in the quiet and the refuge of the Woman of Shunem’s home.

Creative gifting and giving.  Impressions and blessings.  Prophet Elisha prayed a blessing (for a child) for Woman of Shunem.  I pray a blessing of health and happiness to our dear Shunamite Carol. 



This was our first breakfast from Carol, just a fraction of the yummy food left for us.


  1. Indeed! I hope Michelle, that when you guys are on furlough, that you will be blessed in the same way.


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