Whatever they Do, THEY are DOING IT RIGHT!

9 years now.  Every summer.  This is a MUST DOMUST GOSkipping is not an option.  It’s talked about all year.  Activities are decided amongst friends in January.  Registration is in February.  Count downs are watched.



It’s Summer Camp.  Cohutta Springs.  Whatever they do, they are doing it right…..because they have my boys’ complete loyalty. 


So from wake boarding and great food.  Awesome friends.  And honor cabin, year after year.  To challenging worships.  To new friends and old friends.  To a million things that I as a Mom know nothing about.  YAY!  I love it for them.

This year, the camp directory (Rob), hopes to visit us in Papua to plan a preliminary mission trip for young adults.  Many of Rob’s counselors spend time overseas.  We are extremely excited to be hosting this possible event. 

Thanks Cohutta and Rob and staff for DOING IT right.






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