Today: I Cried

It was another typical Sabbath day for us.  We were sitting in Indonesian church.  Sweat trickling down our backs, and our legs.  I look over at Jacob and Nathaniel while we are singing a hymn in Indonesian.  They are just moving their lips, in a made up “I want to fit it and act like I care”, in song.  They don’t know the words.  They can’t read the Indonesian hymnal.  I’m proud of them, and catch myself wondering how this will impact them for their lives.  MK’s…….

The service carries on.  About a quarter into the sermon, my mind can’t keep up translating, I loose the meaning.  So I read my Bible.  Glancing up to catch the pastor’s eye, every now and then.  Encouraging Jacob and Nathaniel, who are giving me, “How much longer?” look.  The service ends, but then they will go right into a communion service.  Foot washing, in third world cultures it is so much more meaningful.  The cool water is so refreshing.  I saw barefooted dis formed feet.

In between the eating of the bread and the drinking of the juice I heard something fall.  Turning my head I gazed outside of the church entrance, where overflow seating is.  I saw a plant topple over and a man setting it upright.  But surely that is not what I heard?  I look again.

That is when I saw the young man having the grand mal seizure.  Arms contorted in the air as he was lowered in peoples arms to the ground.  Back arched.  Drool coming out of his mouth. Eyes, with a distant glaze.

My assistance was not needed.  He was surrounded by people.  I just stood while the service went on and I cried.

I cried for the more then likely inadequate medical care.  I cried because some situations seem so helpless.  Even in America…..

One day, when I am finished with my mothering chapter (which is huge and so important)…..I want to make a difference in the lives of people who have NOTHING or very little.  So lead me Lord.  Amen.


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