3rd World Problems SOLVED in 3rd World Ways

If our gas tanks are running low then we need to drive 20 minutes to the other side of town to get gas.  If for some reason the gas station is out of gas (it happens) then we must drive another 5+ minutes to the next gas station. 

For many people, using only motorbikes, this is not practical at all.  It’s not practical in my Western mind either! 

The 3rd world people have come up with a simple solution (at least for the motorbikes).  Mini gas stands.  They are all over town, down any given street, in the country, in the city.  5 feet apart from each other.  5 Miles apart.  As random and sporadic as only the 3rd World can be. 


Sometimes they have an abundance.  Sometimes they are out.  Sometimes they are closed.  Sometimes they are almost sold out. 



Usually 1 Liter at a time is sold in a glass bottle.  Full service, of course.  It costs, approximately 5 t[o 10 cents more a Liter verses driving all the way to the gas station where you will sit in a long line (as a motorbike).  Simple.  Practical.  Useful.  Great customer service.  Little business.  Thanks 3rd World for this solution to our motorbike gas tank needs.

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