Good Old/Young Boyd Summer Fun


It has been simmering in my mind since this past summer to at least capture a few of the Boyd highlights from our time together.  A healing time was helping Mom get Dad’s memorial garden finished.  With rock edging and flowing bushes, completed with a fire pit and some comfortable outdoor chairs and simple benches.  A place for reflection and remembrance.  Of beauty and peace.  A very fitting tribute to Aubrey Boyd. 


We thought MAYBE it would be a good idea to try and vacation away from the farm.  While it was fun and definitely a change of scenery…..I’m not sure that 2 cases of pneumonia were worth the effort. ; )  However nothing beats some campfire time, creek time and feeding the bird time (shhhhh!).  Also riding, running, walking or pushing the Cades Cove Loop was challenging and fun for most!







Probably the funniest memory from our summer together with the Boyd side was the MUSIC.  Darla’s (Darrons’ sisters) children are quite musical.  After listening to them sing and play quite a collection of songs, SOMEONE convinced David to go over to where they were selling ice cream and just play a few songs with the guitar case open.  In just over an hour……over $30.00 was turned in.  Quite a crowd gathered to listen.  We are still talking about the day David played his guitar at the park (for a while Eric joined too). 


Furloughs are crazy!  Packed with medical/dental appointments, shopping, business, and the list goes on and on.  By far, the best part of furlough is time spent reconnecting with those we love and who sacrifice by letting us do what we do. 


Thanks Boyd/Wolf’s (and Halley’s too)!  What shall we do this next summer!?! : )  Maybe we better just go kayaking and not wander too far from home. ; )




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