Does God Care about Tea Time?

Having grown up in a British family and being the only “girl” in this family of 5 “boys”, I am quite partial to the thought of “TEA”.  Rarely do i drink it.  Yet pretty tables and tea sets and scones and cuppa’s with friends all settle well with my soul, even if I rarely slow down to partake in such finery.
This last furlough, on my long list of needs, was an unwritten list of heart desires.  I spotted the elegant tea cake stand the week before we were due to return to Indonesia.  The simple white sculpted edges were perfectly elegant.  I lifted it off the shelf to glance at the price tag on the bottom of the last tier.  Twenty dollars.  Not bad.  Certainly doable.  Yet, I felt that I could not splurge on such a luxury.  Already the budget had been stretched with many needed items.  This was just going to far.  What does a missionary girl need with a tea cake stand?  But I really wanted it.
I decided to have a little chat with God about the stand.  I told Him that I would just leave it right there, but if I was supposed to buy it, that He would somehow let me know.  I left the store, with no tea cake stand in hand and went to meet a dear friend for ICE CREAM!  As we chatted and tried to catch up on a year of life in just over an hour, she handed me an envelope from her mother.  Later, after we said good bye, I opened the note.  Out slipped one hundred dollars.  The only personal gift given to us while we were in America, that was not for a specific cause.  I knew exactly what I had just been given permission to buy.
Without hesitation, I drove promptly back to Home Goods (one of my top favorite American stores). : )  And claimed the lovely tea cake stand. 
Not only does it bless me with its feminine British call to tea, but it also reminds me that God honors and cares about our heart desires.  Also, this cake stand is making its way around our mission community as other ladies host teas: for friends, for girls.  Isn’t that fun?! 
Today I was able to host one of my favorite friends here in Indonesia.  A lady who was an answer to a very specific prayer request.  I desired a “grandma like” lady to listen to Jacob read when he was younger.  Grandma Leta was the answer to that prayer.  A lady who has stepped in and cared for my children as I have left the country for a week or more most years. A mentor.  A lady who has loved me.  A lady who has served in Indonesia for 27 years.  Her season is coming to a close here in 5 weeks.  What better way to celebrate than with a British high tea?!!! 

Tonight my cup is full of friendships both near and far.  Of pretty things that remind us to embrace the moments.  Of a God who heard my little chat about a tea cake stand and peeked into my heart.
These are the tea gleaners. : )  Nothing like cleaning up the left overs, from a tea party.


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