Trust Camp


In a world where there is MUCH confusion about Muslims, it was refreshing to participate in a Trust Camp with young adult Muslims and Adventist this last weekend.  The goal was to break down walls of mistrust.  So Adventist and Muslim leaders, along with young adults, camped together and built friendships and CHOSE to UNDERSTAND one another. 






Darron was the key leader.  He brought in a team from Bandung and Jakarta who were in our midst for 10 days.  It was no small list of logistics on his part from food to guest housing to countless meetings and finding camping gear for over 70 participants, to having a bathroom built at the camping spot, to hundreds of more details that he did not share with me.   As the school days bumbled along, I hid behind the veil of “having to keep the family going” and helped with random meals here and there.  Also on the Saturday of the Trust Camp weekend, the family went to join, for the day.  After sliding through mud from the night downpour, it was beautiful to witness the fellowship and relationships building built between the young adults.  Despite everyone being wet and cold (a rare thing in Papua), the warmth among them was real.  From honest sharing of each groups convictions,  to uttered prayers from both sides, to trust activities, and meals, to laughter and testimonies.  How do we measure the impact of that?! 


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Andrew stayed overnight and helped capture it all on film.  He was deeply moved at what happened in this group.  The younger boys loved the raft that was built to forge across the river to the beach (replacing the dug out canoe). 



On Monday, when our guests had returned from the Trust Camp, my little washing machine worked overtime.  As I hung all their laundry outside, my heart was full.  From Muslim head coverings, to the cloth that Muslim men wrap around like a skirt, to many Trust and Compassion shirts, to little baby clothes, to Adventist worker’s clothes, to our own…..the laundry line had never been more full and more mingled with faith.  As I prayed for sunshine so that these clothes would dry quickly for our guests departure the next day, I was filled with joy that we have been and continue to be privileged to walk amongst some of the kindest and gentle Muslim people. 

Please continue to pray for us as we stretch to be people filled with trust and compassion, to a world that needs much of both.


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