Flight Bags Packed

The land/airstrip problems continue.  Tensions build as the days click by with no flying taking place.  With grateful hearts we have some hope this week as a lawyer is aggressively dealing with the local police and problem makers.

However, we know that many of the local people want the airstrip gone to build stores and housing developments.  They don’t understand the value of the airstrip to the mountain people and the life line it is to them.  So the fear is that they will retaliate. 

I was a bit taken back when Jan mentioned to me that I should have escape/flight bags packed, “just in case”.  The more I pondered it, the more fretful I became.  What does one pack in these bags?  It’s not a pleasant thought of having to flee.  So while at water aerobics I brought up the discussion of bags.  All 5 missionary ladies there assured me that this is normal.  “Better to be prepared and ready, then not prepared and not ready".  “Just because you are taking the precaution does not mean you will use it”. 

So we are ready….at least the flight bags are packed.  I really don’t want to have to write a blog about how we “escaped” or any other “action stories”.  Please continue to pray for the resolve to this situation and that long term we can minister to the local people too and that they will come to love the aviation base here.

So from my sheltered childhood (thank you Mom and Dad), where the only thing I feared was homeschooling illegally… my flight bags are ready.  I’m ready also for a time that no man knows the hour of….Jesus’ return.  There is oil in the lamp, no flight bags needed.  Even so, come Lord Jesus!


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