Southern Hospitality




Our new home is coming along. 

We are continually amazed at how every part is truly made “on site”.  From the bricks, to the cement needed, to the rafters, to the windows, to the septic tank.  Unbelievable.  The crew live on site.  Staying in a small house, close to our new home.

Meanwhile, we are quite settled in our temporary home.  I told Darron that I don’t even think about squatting anymore or cold dip baths.  The little guys belly ache about the cold water being “thrown on them”.  “How can you torture us like that?” squeals Nathaniel giggling the whole time.  No matter how hot of a day, that dowse of cold water on my back still make my eyes dilate a few centimeters.  Needless to say, I do keep admiring my American toilet and bathtub that are awaiting installation. 



Currently, they are making grooves in all the bricks for all our electric outlets.  The rafters are up and they are awaiting the metal that is stuck in customs at the shipping dock.  The floors are all being concreted getting ready to be tiled.  All the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are being custom made off site (that is the only way they are made).  Our fence is almost complete.  So the anticipated move in date is May or June. 




Our enclosed porch.  At the far end will be our utility sink, washer/dryer and freezer.



We enjoy going to our new home site early every morning and usually at the end of each day.  I am looking forward to western bathrooms, a kitchen with hot water, a little more space and probably most of all I am looking forward to decorating and then entertaining!  Our list is growing longer of those who we want to invite.

As my dear husband would say “Ya’ll come”.  Now that’s my southern man for you.  Your stay will be one of your most memorable times in your life.  Quoting Darron again, “We’ll leave the light on for you…”


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