Priority of the day was to get new tires.  Yeah!!!!  Our  Indonesian friends from aviation decided not only to help with translation of buying the tires, but to also raise our vehicle back to normal height.  The previous owner had lowered it, causing the suspension to be extremely hard and unpleasant to all pothole excursions of which there are many.

So without a car for the day, I was feeling slightly panicky.  What to do with 6 children???  I had a medical meeting to attend at 1p.m. and I wanted to burn off energy with the children at the pool.  Again, our Indonesian neighbors helped and entrusted their van to me.  The kids were all delighted when I backed up, because it showed on video what was  behind the vehicle.  Because of this great technology, the children asked me if I would back all the way into town!

Wendy kept the 6 children entertained as I attended the medical meeting.  Which was composed of 1 doctor, 1 nurse practicioner, 1 nurse midwife and 4 nurses.  3 of us were new.  We were welcomed with great enthusiasm…..and hope of using my medical skills and filling this huge void that I have felt since moving here was swept away.  The needs are great for me to help amongst all the foreign missionaries that are present.  Visa wise, I can give medical counsel to foreigners.  They are anxious for me to be on call and to help in the clinic.  So excited to see how this all unfolds.

Then because Wendy did not have access to a car, all 8 children and 2 adults loaded into the used vehicle (that I am driving illegally) and journeyed  to the pool for a short swim.  Again, many requests were made for me to reverse much longer then necessary.

That evening found Darron and I playing “Balderdash” with the the pre/teen kids.  Much laughter ruptured from around our table as we made up definitions for English words that we had never heard before.  So what is a “Jinnywink “ ?  The campers at Camp Papua now know.


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