Airport Entertainment

We spend a fair amount of time in the airport parking lot, waiting for my husband to arrive from various journey’s.  The kids always like it when there is airport entertainment.   Which are:- Goats!  They wander freely all over Papua, but at the airport we are still enough to watch them as they chew on garbage and grab leaves off young tree’s, bending the trees all the way to the ground.  When we first saw them do this feat, we named them “airport entertainment”.  Also in the picture note all the white stripes on the curbs.  When you first pull into the airport, one has to take all these sharp curves in between black and white striped curb’s.  This makes one feel like you are at a go-cart race track, adding to the feeling of entertainment.





I was not disappointed when Darron sent me a text to say the 3rd leg of his journey to Fak Fak had been cancelled.  He also mentioned he was fevering.  This led to a flurry of texts about getting tested for Malaria to the possibilities of him catching a flight home.  After a long long day (for him) of waiting in airports and flying on planes, while fevering, he finally landed in Papua at 4:45 p.m.  What a welcomed sight he was.  Home two days early on a 10 day trip.  We had sent Malaria meds with him, but had failed to put in any Malaria tests.  Not wanting to start on Malaria medicine without a confirmed diagnosis and most of the labs in Sorong were closed due to a holiday, our first priority upon landing was to get Darron tested.  So right there in the airport parking lot, we pricked his finger and received the needed results.  The test is similar to a pregnancy test.  One is suppose to wait a full 20 minutes, but can often tell the results prior to the 20 minutes.



This means Darron has Tropika malaria (there are two kinds and this is the lesser of the two evils), not that he is pregnant! : )  Whew…… ; )


So there you have it.  Much can happen in the parking lot at the airport.  I am sure that we (the foreigners) provide lots of entertainment for the rest of the people wandering around the airport parking lot.  Darron is doing much better 24 hours out.  This afternoon, he felt like he “wasn’t going to make it”.  Now I am sure he knows he will make it.  So that means there will be more trips to the airport parking lot.





Nathaniel entertaining himself by taking pictures with my camera. : )


  1. So glad to hear that Darron only has malaria and is not expecting! ;-) Just kidding. It sounded pretty horrendous from what I read on his FB post. Glad he is improving. I love the little rapid tests you have! Those would have been handy in the Philippines!! They look almost identical to our rapid tests that we use for malaria! I learned yesterday that nowadays, there is a rapid test for almost anything! :-) From chlamydia to cholesterol, from hepatitis to influenza! Craziness! but very cool!


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