CMDA-CMDE International Conference and Loving It

Over 95 faculty here to present.  Over 30 lectures a day to choose from.  Missionaries from 40 countries.  Thai food.  New friends.  Beautiful property.  What a delight!  These conferences are held every odd year in Thailand and every even year in Africa (did you catch that Michelle?).


Yesterday was a long day of traveling and layovers and waiting for shuttles and suitcases to catch up with us.  Once again, it made it all reality that Papua is a long way from anywhere.  I met a lovely British female doctor at the airport and we have enjoyed keeping up with each other, ever since. 


Today was casting day.  Loved it, as it was very hands on.  I casted one of the doctor’s wives who turned out to be a mother of 4 boys.  Instant kindred spirits!  The orthopedic doctor who taught the class also told me how to set up suction on a wound, without a sophisticated wound vac.  He and his family go every summer to Africa for short term missions. 


This afternoon was free.  As the main part of the conference didn’t start until this evening.  So Dr. Di (who came here from her American furlough) and I shared the afternoon together.  Catching up and sharing together.  It was lovely and probably a rare chance as the schedule from here on out, looks full to the limit.

This evening was sweet as hundreds of voices sang praise to God.  Many different faith’s represented, but all people feeling strongly called to serve.  It was beautiful.  I think a little glimpse of what heaven will be like.  Feeling so blessed that my dear husband is allowing me these days to focus on learning and being fed.  What a gift.


  1. Trying not to be jealous! Wish I could be there learning with you!!! I would LOVE to take this conference someday! Can you send me any info you can find about who puts it on, how much it is, and where it will be held next year and when? :-) in your spare time, of course! :-) Enjoy my dear friend!!

    1. Michelle, if you google "CMDA-CMDE International Conference", it should come up. Normally it is in Africa, but it is being rumored that it might be moved to Greece. Shall i meet you there? : )

  2. Can non-missionaries from America who are not practicing medicine of any form also come? ;). Looks like a fabulous experience in many ways!

    1. Yes! Wouldn't it be fun! : ) I am hoping to talk many of my friends into coming to the next one. : )


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