Romance in Papua

Valentines Day is an appropriate day for me to post this blog that has been sitting in the wings for awhile.  Darron and I have struggled to find romance in Papua.  It seems easier in America with many lovely eateries and fresh flowers and Bed and Breakfast Inn’s and family that will watch four children and………..

And yet “romance” is such a vital ingredient to a yummy marriage. 

A few weeks ago, we had one hour to ourselves.  One hour???!  What can a person do in one hour in Papua? At Darron’s suggestion we drove out to Lake Sentani and found this pull off and climbed up to the top of the hill and sat down on a very sharp rock and took in the most gorgeous sight.  We have not yet taken a picture that captures the beauty of this lake.  There is no where else in the world that I have been that has a lake surrounded by such incredible views.  There are these small lush green rolling hills that surround the water.  They are unique and so picturesque.  I don’t think I would ever tire of looking at this scene.  And so in nature I felt one with my soul mate, for just a few minutes….before jobs would lead us apart again.

This week we stole away for two hours.  Two hours????!  Unfortunately we had to spend half of that time running errands, but then my husband drove me up a hill and we climbed a look out tower and gazed down into the valley below.  We could see the gorgeous lake and the rolling hills surrounding it.  We could see the city and the runway.  We could gaze into the heavens or each other’s eyes.  Just to be quiet and alone, was enough.

I think it is so important in these days of parenting, business, missions, work, school, pressure, dreams, hobbies, exercise, and endless tasks…..that we don’t loose sight and don’t loose love for those that it all started with.  And so we keep trying to carve out the time and invest into each other.

I can’t wait until we can return to our hill.  Our view.  Our rock?!  Well maybe next time, we’ll grab the lawn chairs!!!




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