To Everything There is a Season: A time to go away and a time to go home.

Wow…..this has been so much fun.  Words don’t describe how much I have enjoyed my time in Thailand.  I think the highlights have been the fellowship, the new friends, the great experiences, the worships, and yes, the reason why I came……the learning.

Let me share some pictures.

The elephant excursion was such a neat experience.  What made it so special was Dr. Krista.  She is a trauma specialist that had just flown in from the states and we were buddies for the day.  She quickly wiggled a special place in my heart as we chatted about everything and took in all the elephant stuff.  The elephants played ball, painted, threw darts, danced, played harmonicas, and gave massages.  We rode for close to an hour and our elephant even took a trip to the water and gave us a little squirt while we were on his back.




Here the elephant is getting ready to take some money from my hand with his trunk.



Another great excursion highlight was going to the Sunday night market with Dr. Di and Dr. Rosie (my British friend that I made at the airport when our pick up ride was not there).  We ate mango’s and sticky rice, a new treat…..that is just divine.  We ate at Miguel’s Café (a very good authentic Mexican restaurant).  We had leg massages for $3.00 (30 minutes) and we shopped and shopped and shopped.





The shopping was so much fun, that I went back on Monday night.  And was introduced to a crepe like bread with a hot banana inside and then on the outside they pour chocolate syrup and sweetened condensed milk. YUM! 

And……when I haven’t been in classes then I have been working on this quilted center piece.  Linda is a doctor’s wife who buys all this fabric and brings sewing machines and teaches us.


I have so enjoyed stepping back and away.  I feel refreshed and like I have a whole new perspective.  I will return to Papua, a better person, wife and mother.  My life has been so enriched by these 10 days. Now  I am ready to go home and be with those that are most precious to me.  It is time.


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