For Wherever You Go, I Will Go.

From the moment Darron knew that a mission position was open in his field, he was ready.  My peace came slowly over 3-4 months.   I wrestled about taking the children to a foreign land, but then I met several former missionary kids (m.k's) who assured me it was a very positive experience.  I tried to convince myself that it was much "safer" here in America, then Tornado's shredded "my" town to pieces (only 3 miles from our home).  I also witnessed a man try to abduct a woman in the Home Depot parking lot in Fort Ogelthorpe.  I wrestled giving up a job I loved, with no guarantees of even getting to do any nursing.  Later I discovered that I could continue my education and the GC would help pay for it.  I wanted a BIG sign from God.  I had to trust Him with the little signs.....

And so the call came.  So did my peace!  We accepted.  Since March it seems our to do lists have been longer then our days.  6 Physicals.  6 Dental visits.  6 eye appointments.  Meanwhile schooling, working and trips to be vaccinated with things that would make many of my dear friends shudder in terror at the thoughts of their children being inoculated with such things.  Each visit (3 in all) I admired my boys courage and rewarded them with treats.

We were told the Visa's could take up to a year.  They were ready in a month.  Quickly our last days of employment loomed into sight.  We were overwhelmed with the kind words and sorrow people expressed in our leaving.  Many grown men wept when they prayed for us.  Voices quivered.  Embraces were tighter.

Getting rid of our stuff was not difficult.  It felt liberating to purge.  Just overwhelming the amount of decisions.  Keep, save, store, ship, donate, throw, give?  We prayed for homes for the pets.  All have gone to nicer homes then we ever gave them. It was very painful to say good bye to them.

We prayed that people would buy the house that has stood empty for 3 years,  new neighbors moved into it in June.  We are still praying that our house will sale......  we know God has a plan.

The amount of friends who cooked meals, helped with kids, cleaned, hauled garbage and donation items and packed was tremendous.  We could not have made our deadlines without these friends!

It is a joy to be following where God leads....and to be going where my husband go's!  This is only the beginning of a big adventure thanks for "listening".


  1. Hi Ruthie, I am so happy to see your blog. It is such a great way to keep in touch with friends across oceans. I promise to be a frequent flyer! Hugs!!

  2. We will be following you...on here...and with our hearts. I couldn't be more proud of you all for answering God's call. Just know that you are in our prayers always.

  3. When God calls, he provides! I see that so clearly by your great letter. I am praying and thinking about you all. Have a blessed time in the Lord, and I will try to keep up with your blogs. You are in his hands....
    Tracy Satterfield


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